Kotaku: Brett Farve? No EA, It's Brett Favre

Kotaku writes: "'Brett' is easy to spell. B-r-e-t-t. "Favre", not so easily. But to review: F-a-v-r-e-. Not "Farve". If you're a football fan, you should know that. And if you're EA, you damn well should know that - especially because he's the coverboy! Reader Devon points out that Brett Favre's name is mispelled in the collector's edition menu in Madden 09. That's a pic of it right up there. Well, at least EA didn't put 'Brett Favor.'"

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highps33774d ago

If so how do you not catch this? Its the player on the front cover. Whoops!

Relcom3774d ago

Ha Ha they spelled it like it sounds. I know its EA but I at least expect them to spell their cover athlete's name right.

apoc6153774d ago

Well it is EA were talking about, doesnt suprise me.

Shortstop3774d ago

Comeon, it was just probably a few of employees at EA that had the oversight on this. Wasn't like Peter Moore was the one that decided the headlines here. This is just a case of trying to rip EA for the sake of ripping EA.

Besides, it should be Farve. I really don't know how "FAVre" translates into the sound "Farve" anyway :D

Mr_Bun3774d ago

His name should be spelled Farve...or pronounced Favre. You can't spell your name "$hit" and say "No, it is pronounced Doug...the $ H I T is silent"

LaPenta9113773d ago

that's one of the best comments i've read in awhile, bubbles for you.

Mr_Bun3773d ago

Thanks...bubbles for you also!

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