GameSpy: Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Preview

GameSpy writes: "After quite some time in the oven, Pandemic's long-awaited Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is just about ready for release. Building on the widely open and destructible terrain of the 2005 hit, Mercs 2 expands upon the original in more ways than simply better graphics and HD resolution. Amidst the talk about the scope of the game's rendition of a Venezuela in need of overthrow (enough to get the real-life government up in arms), one thing's been fairly overlooked up to this point: the game's co-op, which allows you to eject the regime with a buddy. The game's effectively done at this point, so any glaring issues we noticed will likely stick to the final product, but we think that it'll be a fairly fun romp that should steal away some gamers from other would-be's attempting to don GTA's sandbox crown."

+Lag-free and smooth multiplayer gameplay that complements the campaign

-The core experience has some issues that aren't getting fixed by the end of the month.

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