PSX Extreme: Baroque Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Atlus is well known for producing amazingly deep role-playing experiences, but they typically stick to the traditional mold for most of their projects. On the flip side of that coin, we typically applaud the effort when a developer decides to take a risk and embrace a slightly different style, which is what Atlus did with Baroque. Granted, it was developed by Sting, but any RPG with Atlus' name on it should be relatively predictable by now, which is why we were happy to see something fresh and new. Well, we were happy to see it for about ten minutes, until we realized this wasn't a risk worth taking, and most fans of the veteran role-playing publisher won't be satisfied with the result. Baroque is a game hampered by a decided lack of direction, a mostly lame-duck story, iffy controls, and technicals that are questionable at best. In short, this really isn't what we've come to expect from an Atlus-published game, and while that could've been a positive, it ends up being a resounding negative."

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