Confirmed: No Microsoft press conference at Games Convention

Microsoft has confirmed to VG247 this morning that there will be no Xbox 360 press conference at Games Convention next week.

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Fat Princess3778d ago

Don't they have anything new to announce?

ThatCanadianGuy3778d ago

Nope.Their just riding the roller coaster of Multiplatform games from here on out.with "DLC" of course...

JUUKENS HOT3778d ago

because all the multi-plat 3rd party games have already been seen

power of Green 3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

conference, read the text again.

Quantum Dream was at E3 but not at the press conference.

LOL at your interest in XBOX.

Please I wan't to see Perfect Dark Zero 2 insider previews.

EDIT: LOL I'm getting hit up with dissagree's from PS3 fans in a 360 thread subitted by a PS3 fan.

NegativeCreep4273778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

And it just seems they don't have much to show with that.

To sustain their future library, they almost purely rely on third-party developers to reveal quality software, then they come in with that "Hey hows it going? Need some extra buy-off money?" attitude.

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The Wood3778d ago

lol bubble

you forgot yourself;)

nieto3778d ago

POG you really are a hypocrite. i am absolutely sure if this announcement were from sony you would be all over talking crap but it is MS so now you try to spin the facts.

MazzingerZ3778d ago

No they don't...FFXIII was the biggest annoucement for MSFT this year and they droped it in the market where they still have a chance. USA.

I'll cut one of my testicles is this is not worrying news for X360 owners.

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StephanieBBB3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Looks like Konami (10:00 AM - 10:45 AM 20th) is going to show us what they have been working on after MGS4 =)

Disney Interactive Studios( 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM 20th) - Can this mean Kingdom hearts for PS3??

inthekillzone3778d ago

they have to watch everyone else announce something new then just copy that

cough cough e3 08

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gaffyh3778d ago

Is Nintendo going to be at GC? If not then Sony is the only thing to look forward to. Kinda disappointed that MS won't be there, I was hoping they would anounce some more games than just GeOW2 (cos let's face it, it'll be a great game, but I don't only want to play that game).

dan-boy3778d ago

every thread crawling with bottom feeding sony fanboys...very sad. still, the kids go back to school soon. that should make the comments section slightly better for a few hours during the week.

anyway, i'm surprised to see microsoft are not going to be making an appearance! with the games they have coming out from now til xmas, i would've thought they would be there trying increase the hype.

perhaps they've pulled off because most of what sony are gonna show is not coming til next year and the year after?

flame and disagree away children. i'm just speculating.

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MikeGdaGod3778d ago

i find it funny that you complain about the weak comments on this site then in the same breath, use your 3 bubbles to do nothing but insult other people on here. you add absolutely NOTHING to the conversation but name calling yet you tell others they belong in the open zone, how ironic.

how about i mark your comments as offensive and you can make me laugh from the open zone?

The Wood3778d ago

i gave you the benefit of the doubt the other day when you claimed you're 'against all fanboys' Strange thing is you only seem to sh*t on sony fans. Give a a frikkin rest. When i see you shutting down pog of mart or some of the other xstreme guys then ill believe ya but all ive seen is sony fanboys this sony fanboys that.

If you want me to show you MS fanboys making stupid comments ill provide links and guess who's NOT there telling them to STFU. That be you

I hope im wrong about ya but your response the other day leaves your actions up for scrutiny especially after claiming your some kinda 'fanboy of all' hater.

And yes ill join ya if you can prove it cause its all fair

dan-boy3777d ago

but in my defense, i never comment in the ps3 threads or go in there because i dont own a ps3. the only ones i veiw are threads about r2 and killzone2....the games that interest me the most. then i rarely comment.

xbox fanboys in xbox threads can ramble all they like, same with sony fanboys. but when they're all over the threads i read(95% 360 threads because thats what i have), it's just stupid....and getting worse by the day on here. as i said, the schools are out for summer.

scottie: do you ever peek in the open zone?? it's like a creche for the retarded.

JD_Shadow3777d ago're a classic case of "call one side for doing something we here on the other side are allowed to get away with."

And plus, posting negative comments about MS doesn't necessarily make you a Sony fanboy (why do people keep thinking like that?). It just means you posted something negative about MS (God forbid anyone on this site ever does that without getting sh!tted on).

The Wood3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

you have to see some of the comments to believe what we're saying. It truly goes both ways

The Lazy One3777d ago

I was unaware M$ skipping a small convention was such big news to so many people that don't own the console for it.

Also, did anyone notice "no press conference from us PER SE"


JD_Shadow3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I'll say this one more time, SLOWLY:

Why do you CARE? Just because we are more partial towards Sony (or Nintendo, why does EVERYONE that EVER says anything bad about MS is suddenly a SONY fanboy? Did we forget that NINTENDO does have a system out, too?), doesn't mean we have no right to comment on something that is MS, because, like I've said before and I'll keep saying it, this is a PUBLIC WEBSITE and news is fit to be commented on by anyone. We have allowed you MS fanboys to comment on the Sony news stories (we never actually ask you, you just go and do it, albeit some of you never have anything to actually ADD to the conversation, but we never stop you from putting your foot into your mouth). Why, then, should we NOT be allowed to comment on the MS stories?

And plus, just because many of us OWN a PS3, it doesn't mean we absolutely hate MS (contrary to popular belief). We hate the way that have tried to win this console war by buying off third parties to make things only for them (and to make us think they somehow swindle them into catch-all NDAs that not even God Himself would be able to find a loophole within), but that's a little different. There are people that own BOTH a PS3 and a 360 (or even people that are lucky enough to have a Wii on the side of the other two) that are kind of disappointed in MS and how they have ran 2008 so far and the RRoD issues.

The main issue is here is that, while there is valid criticisms that you can give to the PS3/Sony and the Wii/Nintendo, this article is on MS, and 9 times out of 10, you will usually see someone on this site answer to any criticism of MS with the old "how dare you say that opinion" (i.e.: pretend the viewpoint never exists even if many others share said viewpoint, even if it came from another 360 fanboy; talk about eating your own kind), or "deal with it" (the one liner that has been ran into the ground, especially towards things that NO ONE should HAVE to just "deal with"). I've never seen so many people coming from one side of any console war condone so much suppression of information and opinions in my LIFE (and yes, I almost forgot this age old practice of reporting any positive Sony story or any negative MS story as "fake" or "lame" regardless of how true or informative it is, or even reporting any person's opinion they don't like as spam or offensive). Again, while the other sides may do this, too, 9 out of 10 times, this is YOUR camp doing this. This is WHY people say stuff towards people like PoG. They do stuff like his comment and we never hear the end of it. People gang up on him because he never listens and we never hear the end of his rhetoric. Not alot of people (not just PS3 fanboys) like him and his tired spiel and are not shy to tell him. Does EVERY MS fan HAVE to agree with every single letter than another MS fan says (yeah, not many people who like the 360 like PoG, either. Hell, he even got Fanboy of the Week by BITBAG.COM. If the HEAVY MS-leaning Torrence Davis is willing to slam him, you KNOW he's got alot of enemies for his crap)?

And then there is THIS that you did, Lazy: "Why are you PS3 fanboys commenting on MS news?" Why shouldn't they? Why should you be allowed to comment on Nintendo or Sony news if the "PS3 fanboys" (assuming all of them somehow ARE and aren't just disgruntled MS fans that feel a proverbial knife in the back by this news) somehow aren't allowed to comment on MS news. This is a big deal about Leipzig, and a LOT of people were hoping that MS would be able to deliver something at TGC.

Again, I ask: What rule in N4G says that people that like one console over another isn't allowed to comment on certain articles?

The Lazy One3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

so you hate M$ for all the things sony has already done... super.

I don't hate that you have opinions and post them here. I hate that you troll.
"Nope.Their just riding the roller coaster of Multiplatform games from here on out.with "DLC" of course..."
"ll they ever have is Halo-related...
And it just seems they don't have much to show with that. "
"No they don't...FFXIII was the biggest annoucement for MSFT this year and they droped it in the market where they still have a chance. USA.

I'll cut one of my testicles is this is not worrying news for X360 owners. "
they have to watch everyone else announce something new then just copy that "

That was up to where danboy called them out, and 7 people jumped down his throat for it happening on both sides, which is not true. There are 3-4 people that troll PS3 news. There are close to 15 people trolling THE FIRST COMMENT of this 360 news.

quick edit: Morgenfell just PM trolled me... I have no sympathy for anyone complaining about PS3 articles getting trolled.

"Oh you are the one that has to cry. The 360 is a goner and everyone is just marking time. MS has called it quits in Leipzig. What are they going to announce? They get a watered down version of FF13 in 2010...again? Some stolen Miis that are only for use in family games? They know Sony has several more big bats to swing and they have lost Europe anyway. Now go cry. PSN has several major announcements coming there as well. Free PSN has several. MS isn't even going to have a demo of Tears of War there. Too bad so sad but the train has left the station. Turn out the lights the party is over. Elvis has left the building. You girlfriend put her boxer shorts back on. You date left the dance with your dad. Your dog bit the head off your barbie doll and ran off with the cat. The 360 is sliding into oblivion. I called it before. Mark it again. Hottest device this Christmas? A PS3. You had better get one. I'm out and so are you. "

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Arsenic133778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Well not like they would be showing the new Halo game, they said a independent show would be reserved for that.
They need to open up their restrictions on User Generated Content, so they can stay ahead in the game.

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SonySoldierEternaL3778d ago


micro$oft = n00blets

PopEmUp3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

stack? you mean the xbox that you stack in your closet lol I think you're collecting, am I right?


wrong posted

3778d ago
morganfell3777d ago

They know Japan is lost, now they know Europe is lost. They are desperately clinging to North America but that is going too.

The fact is they are not going to Leipzig because it would be worse for them to go. What are they going to announce? They have are getting a version of FF13 some time in 2010? That's all they have. That's all they had at E3 but xbots hold onto them like a life preserver in an ocean storm.

You want the future of gaming? You want to be on the technological edge of tomorrow? You are going to need a PS3 to get there.

N00BZSUCKASS3778d ago

no need. 360 is already dominating too much as it is.

nieto3778d ago

dominating what? you think just because the x360 has like 4 million console out more than the ps3 thanks to the year head star domination? LOL

psycho3603778d ago

@^^ more like 5+ million lead. Increasing again after the uber MGS4 failed at the box office.

Egzekutor3778d ago

More like there is nothing to show apart from Gears of War 2 ^_^.
Thats all you got while PS3 is increasing with great first party exclusives.

SuperM3778d ago

Increasing because there are almost no ps3s left on the market. Im sorry to burst the bubble but once sony gets their new 80gig SKU out on the market it is going to be bye bye 360. Besides the only numbers ive seen that 360 now sold more then ps3 was the US sales. Wouldnt be surprised if ps3 still outsold 360 worldwide.

Oh yea, gears is confirmed NO SHOW at leipzig so no they cant show that one either.

Eiffel3778d ago

SuperM, check wal-mart they have PS3's stacked on one another, its Hilarius. Next Gen my ass, big ol paper weight.

juuken3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Don't worry PS3 comrades. The bots are flailing in the wind as always. Just watch those smiles disappear when Sony slides into second place. :D

And Eiffel, you also failed to mention that PS3's were sold out in major retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.

I actually saw a stack of 360's lying around at my local store!

See what I did thar!

morganfell3777d ago

No idiot360, you are wrong. The lead is still decreasing and all the prayers to Santa won't change that at all. I love making lists of all the idiots on this site that will either leave the site completely and go hang out at some desperate place like teamxbox or kotaku and dream of the glory days, or else they will change their user name and claim to have been a long time supporter.

No matter how much you lie to everyone else in the near future, you will always know you were what a narrow minded bot you were.

You wish you had a game that performed like MGS4. You wish the 360 had a game like that. If I were to drop my MGS4 dis in my 360 that box would explode.

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power of Green 3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

I keep getting slammed by PS3 fans in this 360 thread.

"No press conference from us per se,” we were told by a rep via email, who added that the company’s booth will instead have rolling demos on its exterior and behind closed doors slots."

^^you think that means 3rd party and 3rd party only, will be shown. lol

soul899er3778d ago

funny how i always see u Bi**hing about what PS3 fans/owners are doing or saying, news flash its the internet, thats what the X button is for and second stay on freaking topic. >_> On Topic: idk i think they are just waiting to announce stuff at TGS which is dumb, but idk, is Leipzig and Games Convention the same thing?

power of Green 3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

You're not showing up, only your username is pressent, you must be a PS3 fan which shouldn't really care about MSFT news to start with.

What happend to games like:

Dog Tag


ThatCanadianGuy3778d ago

pog why are you so b!tchy? your in 90% of PS3 articles,Why are you trying to act so innocent by b!tching cause were in here?

The Wood3778d ago

Dog Tag

show me more then. screenshots minimum

and please stop with the whining, you're just as bad when you wanna be

lol @etc

3778d ago
juuken3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

...As if you didn't sh*t on PS3 fans with every chance you got.
Do me a favor and quit the damn crying.

You get disagrees because you make decent 360 fans look bad.

You get disagrees because you would follow Microsoft, even if they fell off a cliff.

You get disagrees because every single word that comes out of your mouth is negative against the PS3.

You get disagrees because every single damn thing that comes out of your mouth makes very little sense.

You get disagrees because you use different accounts to make comments that are uncalled for.

Save it PoG.

The Lazy One3777d ago

But he is one person. Why are there at least 15 (I've only read the first 2 main comments so far) of you yelling at him.


you embarrass yourselves. I say again, most of you make PS3 fans look bad. You wonder why everyone hates you, read these comments. Call to decent PS3 fans: please don't stand up for some of the stupid things said just because they support your system.

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