Edge Review: Secret Agent Clank

Edge writes: "After appearing in six Ratchet & Clank games, Clank has finally been granted star billing. But, evidently aware of his modest innate talents and less than warlike demeanour, High Impact Games has recast him as a Bond-style agent, with stealth-based play and an inventory that favours gadgets over guns.

To be faithful to the series' uproarious nature, however, stealth is largely optional – Clank generally has enough firepower to fight back when he's found – and it's a form that emphasises action: enemies are despatched with a quick QTE if they're crept up upon from behind and infrared detectors can be deactivated with a squirt from his Blackout Pen. Annoyingly, however, some sections will rather arbitrarily and inconsistently impose game over if he's discovered."

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