Halo "Movie" Concept Art

Last week, we got our first look at some concept art for a second Halo movie project currently doing the rounds in Hollywood. The drawings - by artist Kasra Farahani - are depicting some of the key scenes from writer Stuart Beattie's (Pirates of the Caribbean, GI Joe) screenplay, which in turn is based on the events in the novel Fall of Reach. We were promised that last week's image was the first of five, and this week, film site Latino Review obliges, with a second picture, this time showing the kids (including Master "John" Chief) being put through their paces by some UNSC instructors. Wide pics screw up the front page, so the full version's after the jump.

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f7897903479d ago

EVERY single gamer will see it if it comes out. Thats millions in guaranteed revenue.

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Kratos34523479d ago

not every gamer will see it if it comes out.i won't see it.only the hardcore halo fans will.comments from the prince of persia game is that not very many people were interested in seeing the movie because they know that video game movies usually don't turn out that good.just look at the Mario movie.the game was very popular but the movie sucked.

Panthers3479d ago

I cant agree with you. I am not a hardcore Halo fan and I would see it. I might wait till it comes to video, but I would still love to see it. I love Sci Fi and if they can get a great story going then I would love it. Of course you need powerful, dynamic characters to make a great movie, and Halo doesnt exactly have it.

SixZeroFour3479d ago

imo...i think they should skip the live action and go cgi like the final fantasy movies

the animation in the latest halo wars trailer was amazing, and if they do decide to make the movie they should do it like that


i hope they wont f**k it up