Spore Could Be A PS3 Exclusive

Microsoft's policy on user-generated content could kill Spore on the 360. From gameplayer: "The launch of the Spore Creature Creator inevitably led to many cock monsters… Yet every new cock is not a defeat for EA, but a victory - for those cocks are made with Spore.

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XxZxX3629d ago

yeah just like why waste money on XBOX 360 exclusive, when it will come out to PC eventually.

Fat Princess3629d ago

Very sick burn for toughNAME there lol. Jeez I noticed he didn't even reply to your comment yet haha. + Bubbles.

PoSTedUP3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

yea i agree dude, i said it b4 you though : P lol XD #1 open zone ------->

but ummm yea i herd about and seen this spore stuff and im not too impressed by it until i see more i guess, just remember that only quality titles come to the PSN so dont be upset if this doesn't make it : P ; )

Aclay3629d ago

The 360 really doesn't have many true "exclusives". There are very few AAA exclusive 360 games that actually stay exclusive to the 360, I mean, Alan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction are coming out on the PC too and they are supposed to be the 360's biggest games next year... even though a PC version of Gears 2 hasn't been talked about, I'm pretty sure that it will eventually come to PC as well. Buying a 360 is almost pointless unless more of the games published by Microsoft in the future only end up on the 360 and wont be ported to the PC. I'm just glad that when a game is published by Sony, it wont be on any other platform.

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thePatriot3629d ago

of coc-konia will invade the neighboring tribe of republic country of vigina at noon. we will give our best for half hour and if nothing breaks go home and drink some beer and play games.

Yipee Bog3629d ago

I didn't even know it was coming to console so good deal. what will the game be about anyway? just make a creature and let it walk around in a virtual circle?

zethos563629d ago

Some people prefer playing on a console. MS should do what they do with Halo for Gears and not release it until like 3 years later.

permutated3628d ago

This is the kind of article that people with no experience or research would write.

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BulletToothtony3629d ago

they cannot allow one company to get away with free user generated or user generated dlc period and then say no to another one.. they want to make sure they charge for anything they can.

From a business point of view (since i own a business) i admire them, because they do this and people keep paying and they keep making money.

But from a gamer point of view it sucks that they charge for things they shouldn't.

But if they're faced with a game like spore and sony would allow it to work in the psn and it wouldn't work in live they would brake their "policy" just to not let sony win.

It's sad really, MS should be more open since they already get a monthly fee from 360 owners, they should allow this more, but they react mostly in a way that they want to put the competition down rather than to set the standards and be nicer to their own customers.

clintos593629d ago

I totally agree. And if MS doesnt do anything about this and this does end up being a reality. Look for a shift in devs seeing the ps3 with more freedom to work with and fans of the 360 start to realise just how good PSN is. May not have the greatest features but this is one example, alot of devs love the ps3.

chrisnick3629d ago

ms is just plain greedy i think.

SonySoldierEternaL3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

don't just think they're greedy, its a fact

soul899er3629d ago

well if that happened it would have tough time with LBP, speaking of LBP, Waaaaaah! i want Kratos Sackboy! T_T but im preordering Nariko! *Sob* http://www.videogamesblogge...