NEW: Starcraft 2 Gameplay Videos

Two new gameplay videos for Starcraft 2. The first one is an 8 minute gameplay video featuring Zerg vs Zerg, and the second is a 6 minute Protoss vs Protoss Match.

NOTE: Please use view video link at bottom if videos are not working.

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Video 1:

Video 2:
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VictorCreed3778d ago

sweet vids, the game seems so polished and so far along in development yet you know it won't come out for at least another year.

jaja14343778d ago

Yes...with the game being so very much like the original, I just can't help but think what the hell is taking them so long. I know it's Blizzard, but really...

mistertwoturbo3777d ago

seriously, i've been waiting way too long for this game. it's one of the only PC games i'm really anticipating.

orakga3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

The game looks okay (they seem to be playing this at a slow speed), but whoever is playing the game (and it looks like he's being coached by a Blizz rep) clearly hasn't played Starcraft before.

... why are there so many noobs in the videogame journalism field??? =(

EDIT: the second video is played by someone who knows what he's doing. THANK GOD.