Best Buy to sell iPhone 3G starting next month

Chris Ziegler writes:

"And now for the irony: it'll be no better a buy than what you can find at ye olde Apple or AT&T store. Best Buy officially becomes the first third-party retailer in the US to sell the iPhone in an official capacity -- 3G or otherwise -- when it launches the iPhone 3G in some 970 stores plus an additional 18 dedicated Mobile locations on September 7 for the same $199 and $299 price points found elsewhere."

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LFC1EE3780d ago

About time in the uk, were always playing catch up to the americans and japanese.

Jackel20723780d ago

Here's the real question. Will Best Buy sell just the hardware and not the service plan? Most likely not, but i can still see a Best Buy employee screwing up and just selling the phone it self with out the plan. If so then im buying one and unlocking it. to heck with AT&T