Brutal Legend not landing at MTV

Variety writes: "Ever since Activision Blizzard announced it won't be publishing Double Fine's "Brutal Legend," amongst other Sierra games, the word I've heard most about the game's future is "MTV." The cable conglomerate, which publishes "Rock Band" and is developing games with uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, seems likeBrutallegend a pretty natural publisher for a game about a heavy metal roadie voice by Jack Black. That idea also fits with what I heard from a good industry source who told me "Brutal Legend" was close to a deal with a company that's not a traditional publisher."

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Asurastrike3779d ago

What a perfect chance for either Sony of Microsoft to snatch up an exclusive by publishing it.

Gambit073779d ago

I actually hope it gets picked up by EA, they're great at putting the word out about their games, also Schafer deserves a big hit.

MK_Red3779d ago

Come on, someone please grab this awesome game. WTF is it with Schafer? He is one superb dev with one horrible luck.