NOVASTRIKE Trophy Patch to Arrive "mid-to-late August"

A patch for the PSN title NOVASTRIKE is coming that will add trophy support along with a slew of other improvements to the game.

From the original article:
"I just want to let you know that we're doing final playtesting of the NOVASTRIKE update this week. You can read the prior update to review the main list of what we're addressing, but everything's looking pretty good right now and we'll be submitting the update to Sony's QA next week. This means if it passes the update should be out mid-to-late August. Per the last update we do have trophies in the update (16 total - we squeezed an extra one in). And the difficulty has been tamed considerably for RECRUIT, SOLDIER, and even VETERAN some (with the new HARDCORE difficulty replacing the first release's VETERAN difficulty)."

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sonarus3626d ago

A lame game with trophies is still a lame game:)

Silogon3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Good to hear! I love this game and feel it is easily in the top 2 shooters on the PSN. Everday Shooter & Novastrike. My personal favorites.

I'm getting disagrees here? Sooooooo, what, Novastrike and Everyday shooter aren't my 2 favorite PSN shooters? Or it's not good to hear there is a patch coming?? Help me out morons!

Marty83703626d ago

Super Stardust HD is miles better than Novastrike. Still nice that they are supporting Trophies.

Sevir043626d ago

it really seems as if that october is the cut of date for games with optional trophy support. since bioshock was the first game announced with trophies. and it comes out in october. every game that releases after october will have trophies. and thats great.

as for novastrike. i'd like to see if it has a demo i could try out.

thereapersson3626d ago

I really liked Novastrike. To each their own, I guess...