GameZone: Ear Force X4 Wireless Xbox 360 Headphones Review

Noise is probably one of the biggest problems for late night gamers. Due to angry neighbors or sleeping roommates or significant others, most gamers have had to resort to hitting the mute button when it comes to gaming after dark. However, Turtle Beach looks to have a solution with their latest set of wireless headphones, the Ear Force X4. The Ear Force X4 offers a significant improvement over their previous offering, the Ear Force X3, by providing digital output and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound processing. The result is a very solid replication of 5.1 sound, especially for a pair of wireless headphones.

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Irishrocket693779d ago

But go to know. I just bought the X3 model for half the price, and I love it. Great sound and volume controls, so if you are thinking of going wireless check those out; it even received a higher score than the X4.