Gamespot: Fable II Pub Games Review

Fable II Pub Games is a collection of three games of chance popular throughout Albion, the world of Fable. The games themselves will feel familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of common gambling games, and on balance, they're mildly entertaining. Their real appeal lies in their eventual integration with your Fable II game. Any gold or items that you win (or debt you accrue) can be passed on to your hero in Fable II, for better or worse. If you're not excited about Fable II, these games aren't anything special. But for those counting the days until October, the thoroughly Albion-esque presentation and the two reasonably engaging games make Pub Games an appealing purchase.

The Good:
* One fun, addictive game
* Earn gold and items for your Fable II hero
* Great Fable aesthetic
* Good tonic for acute Fable II anticipation.

The Bad:
* One dull, mindless game
* No appeal for non-Fable-philes.

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pizzas3479d ago

Mediocre mini-game for a mediocre game.

Fable 2 is next.

Maddens Raiders3479d ago

that's pretty funny man....

Did you make that site...?

tatotiburon3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

@1.hey nassim you desperately need to get laid...another account? are you virgin?

@1.1: just enter to and make your own page, here is an idea, make two pages with LAIR and Haze, how about that?

ActionBastard3479d ago

Make one for Shadowrun, Bomberman Act Zero, Totem Ball, Fusion Frenzy 2, Two Worlds, and Space Giraffe. Lair and Haze have been done.

Bombibomb3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Or he could just make pages of Tenchu Z, Ninety Nine Nights, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero, Hour of Victory, Shadowrun, Vampire Rain, Two Worlds, Kingdom Under Fire: COD, Bullet Witch, and some more Too Human. Go jerk off to some clone troopers or something Star Wars geek.

tatotiburon3479d ago

ah yeah how can i forgot the hypermachine in fuzion frenzy??..FAIL

LOL blue dragon and lost odyssey sold and score better than any PS3 RPG...oh excuse me there is any?

InMyOpinion3479d ago

How about making one that says "Metal Gear Solid 4 has not sold 1 million copies in Japan yet"?

No wonder that flop is in the bargain bin where it belongs.

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byeGollum3479d ago

just lol @ ur comment & name

KillaManiac3479d ago

This is what I call a good pre-order program.

I love free arcade games! Especially ones to get me a head start in one of my most anticipated games this year. Its honestly (before all these RPGS started getting announced) was the reason I bought my XBOX360.

I am glad more games are having better Pre-order programs.
360: pub games
PS3: LBP...Gamestop reserves get Kratos costume
PC: Warhammer Online...get In-game Open Beta access, 2 items, deck of playing cards, and Head start access.

Cheers to all companies trying their hardest to get people to buy their game!

King Me3479d ago

6.5 is a pretty bad score

CreativeDestruction3479d ago

Err... the point of this game is to get the Fable fans ready and occupied, not to be the must-have sleeper hit of the summer...

Skadoosh3479d ago

How do you get "one fun addicting game" and "one dull mindless game" in the same review? HAHA, stupid.

SuperM3479d ago

because there were 2 minigames? please think before you speak, you rarely do.