Game Revolution: Final Fantasy IV Review

Game Revolution writes: "In general, there are two camps of Final Fantasy fans: those who were fans before Final Fantasy VII and those after. As an unfailing member of the latter camp, I occasionally have to prop my head on a table and listen to members of the former camp rattle on about the androgynous androgyny of Squall, the wussy wussiness of Tidus, and above all, the weakly weak-sauce of every Final Fantasy that isn't 2D. Many of them would claim that compared to others in the long-renowned series, Final Fantasy IV, in particular, was the real masterpiece, with a better storyline, a better overall challenge, and a far better feeling after beating the final boss. And on all those counts, they would be right… almost."

+ Classic battles and bosses
+ Augment system
+ Many plot twists
- . . .but rides on them too much.
+ 3D graphics on the DS
- . . .that look dated.
- Whyt and forced stylus mini-games

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