The Future of Paradise City

"Welcome to Paradise City, where what happens next is completely up to you." Criterion's Burnout Paradise is like no other racing game as its an open-world racing and event game, which steadily receives additional content.

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sak5003779d ago

Does the new patch cagney gives the option of restarting a lost race or going back to the start line quickly or we still hv to drive all the way back and get lost and not able to find the intersection? i haven't played it after trying for couple of hours since last 3 months.

Nuclearfish3779d ago

No restart is a feature of the game which actually makes a lot of sense. If you fail an event, you fail, and so if you want to do it again you drive back to the start (it only takes a couple of minutes really, and the whole point in the game anyway is driving, so why would you even get this game if you don't like doing that?) Instant restart is never going to happen. I assure you that if you played the game for longer than a couple of hours you won't find it a problem.

The_Firestarter3779d ago

I agree with you 100% on that. At first I thought it was annoying and tedious to drive all the way back, but I got over it. Most of the time, instead of driving back to restart that exact same race I'll idle the engine (to end the race early - obviously) and start a different event near me at that moment. Either that or just go into Showtime. Not a big deal at all anymore.

BUT I can't say the same for burning routes....those can be a pain sometimes. lol :P

witchking3779d ago

I thought this version of Burnout was the worst of the bunch. The lack of restarts, all the various routes to take, the missing crash mode. I hope Criterion revises some of these design decisions in the next iteration of the series, because if it's more of what they produced here, I'll be taking a pass (and I've owned all of the other Burnout games). Takedown was still the best.

Omegasyde3779d ago

Simple Question. Thanks in advance.

Nuclearfish3779d ago

Simple answer: nope, afraid not. They said in the podcast months ago it couldn't be done.

ReBurn3779d ago

Would it be too much to ask to put a driver in the car? It's pretty weird to knock your door off and see nobody driving the car at breakneck speeds. A small gripe, to be sure.