Final Fantasy VII's Nomura and Kitase Talk About Work on the Game, ATB, CyberConnect 2 Collaboration

More information is filtering through about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, thanks to an interview to Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Director Tetsuya Nomura just published by Famitsu.

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PhoenixUp1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Square Enix's games are so large these days, they have a lot of collaborative effort being done on them. I have a feeling this will become more commonplace going forward.

FFXV for example has the KH1&2 dev team working alongside Hexadrive(Okami HD, Wind Waker HD, FF Type-0 HD) and Avalanche(Just Cause and MadMax) just to make one title.

Now they got the .hack devs helping them make the FFVII remake. Sounds like a very extensive project.

CuddlyREDRUM1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

Damn, you could do PR for them.

"The games are so large these days that having several studios will be great. For example, the KH3 lead didn't know he was even working on this until a meeting this Spring. Just goes to show how this is good." - Sarcasm

Avalanche had two separate teams working on Max and Just Cause 3. They didn't go out and hire flunkies doing HD ports. What a weird statement...

"FFXV for example has the KH1&2 dev team working alongside Hexadrive(Okami HD, Wind Waker HD, FF Type-0 HD) and Avalanche(Just Cause and MadMax) just to make one title."

You are bringing fourth-rate port developers into the mix there for no reason at all.

Don't ever twist those two things again. Makes me sick.

Elda1075d ago

You seem miserable...smh.

sinjonezp1075d ago

Man chill. While I feel the same and I am a little nervous about the methods in which SE is going about handling this, we all know from playing the original game, it is a BIG game. The amount of content to illustrate in the manner in which they are trying to portray , is mind boggling especially after the release of the trailer. Considering I still own the original game from the ps1 and the time I put into its massive story, it's probable that this remake will be ridiculous in size. With actual voice acting, cut scenes , etc, the game would take years to complete. Are gamers willing to wait? Are we just thirsty for anything from the ff7 universe again? It's all questions , but I can see why they may be doing this. While im PRO full release of ff7's story, if they have to break it up without charging an arm and a leg, I get it. But about that battle system..........

miyamoto1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

They know this game is gonna sell 10 million copies coz Japan is gonna be on board the hype train. I can see Japan getting 2-3 million copies.

And they are going to put everything related to FFVII in this game including pre-FFVII, post FFVII stories, side stories.

SE is gonna milk the hell outta this game I assure you.
I can see myself spending $200 on this game alone.

SE is gonna capitalize on their partnership with PS4 and by the time this game is released the install base is around 45M-50M already.

I can see SE shipping 10-12 million copies on launch window
FFVIIR will move 5 million PS4s easily upon launch

PaleMoonDeath1075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

So, is it MGSV style two part game, or a Telltale multi part game..

It's annoying me.

Edit: dislike folk.. take it your not concerned? two £60/$60 games when it should have been one, get your acts together, I know exactly what these people are playing at.

kingdomtriggers1075d ago

What if its 3 parts and each is 30-40 hours long?

CuddlyREDRUM1075d ago

Then release the remake in one package and have some faith in your product, team and fanbase.

fr0sty1075d ago

simple economics would dictate that if they made a game that is 2-3 times larger/longer than the average RPG, the cost would rise in step with it. So, in order to justify the additional cost risk, they would want to charge you for the average amount of gameplay you'd get in a $60 title, and split it into multiple titles rather than trying to cram all the content into one game and hope that it breaks every sales record in video game history to pay for itself.

Having faith in your product doesn't mean take stupid risks not likely to pay off.

PaleMoonDeath1075d ago

No thanks, FF7 on the PS1 already does that as one game.

This splitting up the game ordeal is a huge business deal, it's literally going to rake in millions and Square ain't going to pass up on that.

Hoffmann1075d ago

Its more like

Final Fantasy VII Remake
FFVII Crisis Core Remake
FFVII Advent Children Game
Final Fantasy VII new Dirge of Cerberus Game?
1-2 more FFVII related games?

LAWSON721075d ago (Edited 1075d ago )

I doubt it, episodic is looking pretty apparent. For starters there is far more content in the original game than most of those if it were the case it would be more like FFVII remake and DLC. Just look at the trailer they literally show just the start up of the game that is far from a coincidence after saying they are delivering different experiences with each episode.

If you read this
FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE will be told across a multi-part series, with each entry providing its own unique experience

And think what you said you I would say you were in denial or just a tad to hopeful

Just thinking about it really makes you wonder. It's like wow FFVII comes out of no where meanwhile FFXV and KH3 can't even get a release date or barely any details. Sadly there has to be a potentially bad reason why. The idea that they would remaster all of those forms of content is just stretching it IMO

PaleMoonDeath1075d ago

If only that were the case, I'm pretty sure they are cutting FF7 itself into pieces, like.. MGSV funnily enough.

Elda1075d ago

I appreciate the fact that they are finally doing this remake project after people have been asking for one for a while now & it's looking great so far.However they decide to release it I will definitely support it instead of complaining about it especially when it looks like the soul of FF-VII but updated which it should be after 18 years.I can't wait to play this game!

CuddlyREDRUM1075d ago

You just complained about complainers, though.

CuddlyREDRUM1075d ago

Yeah, outsource it and episode it! Have it all be unique and cheaper for you, then pass the savings onto me.

Cradle_of_Clay_Doll1075d ago


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