Game Revolution: LostWinds Review

Game Revolution writes: "Episodic gaming is the industry's new bloom lighting. I'm not quite sure why it's suddenly everywhere, but it is. From graphic adventure revivals to FPS epics to web comic adaptations, the opportunity is here for gamers to either declare this format the future of gaming, or to run away screaming. If you're the latter type, start warming up your vocal chords, because LostWinds, is an episodic game in everything but name. But it'd be a real shame to let this blow by, because for the length of LostWinds, it's a real charm-your-socks-off platformer.

click to enlargeYou'll get a pleasant, easygoing vibe from the moment you boot up LostWinds and catch a glimpse of its presentation, which easily surpasses most disc-based Wii titles. Though using a 3D engine for a 2D platformer, everything in LostWinds from the characters to the backgrounds looks soft and touchable, whether you are exploring caverns, open fields, ruins, or the town. The characters are especially plushy-esque-not unlike the adorable ragdolls of LittleBigPlanet-and they animate naturally. The colors serve as a nice stage for your characters, with a lot of saturated, subtly contrasting colors, that makes each scene very easy on the eyes."

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