Nidzumi: Soul Calibur 4 Review: The Right Direction

Nidzumi writes: "The Soul Calibur saga has lasted for many years now, from its humble beginnings on the SEGA Dreamcast to today's Xbox 360 and PS3. It has been highly regarded franchise ever since the original but has the Soul Calibur series finally run its course?

The story mode is normally the main focus in any game, unless you're playing Soul Calibur 4. The story mode in this is so short that it hardly seems worth the £40, but considering the number of characters you have to complete story mode with (especially if you're wanting to get some of the achievements) you can see why they made it so short. One of the other modes is the "Tower of Lost Souls" where you fight your way up a sinister looking tower. On each floor there are hidden chests containing unlockables such as weapons and cloths, which can only be unlocked by performing certain actions. This does add a small twist to the game in trying to find all the secrets but that's the only real distinction from any of the other modes."

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