MTV Multiplayer: Are You Happy With 'MGS4' DLC?

Solid Snake's last journey arrived two months ago, and besides concluding an epic storyline, there were promises of ambitious online multiplayer and downloadable content.

Has Kojima Productions delivered?

"Metal Gear Solid 4? came loaded with hooks for additional music and "Integral" podcasts for Snake's iPod, more camouflage options and the inevitable upgrades and purchasable expansions for "Metal Gear Online."

Kojima Productions appears to have delivered on nearly all fronts - five pieces of music, seven camouflage picks (both free) and an $11.99 "Gene Expansion" for "MGO" - but something's still missing… where are the new podcasts?!

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AStupidXbot3481d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, I get to miss these great DLCs, and now I hope my fixme dvd player doesnt brake on me.

sonarus3481d ago

Yea WTF kojima pro. Where are those podcasts. You can't just tease us with in game podcasts and leave

SpecialSauce3481d ago

the SP mode wuz perfect but........ the online mode and all the headaches it caused were not worthy of an MGS name. DLC plzzzzz forget that i'm finished with this game already. it was one of the best games i have evo played but with the online play soooo bad this game will be left in it's case for a while. (at least at my house.)

sonarus3481d ago

The online mode is awesome if you have the patience to get into it. The length registration process is crap but you should try joining one of our N4G games. Its really fun we usually play friday at 7pm if you are interested

Surfman3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

why DLC when we have everything we need in the game already??
DLC is just a excuse to make more money, you put less stuff in the game and you sell DLC later. And why those websites always try to say something against a game (ps3 normaly). MGS4 is nearly perfect. Its perfect. None game is as good as MGS4 is. No needs DLC.

DaKid3481d ago

Or DLC is a way to keep a game fresh so people that enjoy the game can get new experience out of it. Its also a nice way for companies to get some added revenue while they are between games.

Winter47th3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

SP's perfect, far surpassed the hype, delivered on what's promised and more, what i would like to see though is more DLCs for MGO, free ones would be f'ing nice for only a 2 months old game already, no need to milk our pockets this soon with GENE.

Raoh3481d ago

i may have to start playing again. i was waiting for trophies but i guess i better get it all out of my system before SOCOM officially releases...

wiggles3481d ago

Do you know if there will be trophies in MGS4 eventually??

Aclay3481d ago

I remember Ryan Peyton said on the final MGS4 podcast (5/30/08) to stay tuned because they might do another podcast... I don't remember hearing him say anything about anymore podcasts and I was subscribed to the Kojima Productions Report Podcast since early this year.

I remember there was some MGS4 rumor going around about another ending in the game or something 6 months after you first beat the game... maybe another MGS4 podcast will pop up around 6 months after June 12th to coincide with the rumor or maybe another podcast will pop up sometime around TGS or after Leipzeg.

But, DLC for MGS4 really isn't needed... I'm happy with the single player portion of the game itself and that would have been enough for me because MGS4's single player already has tons of replay value.

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The story is too old to be commented.