IGN: Break In Review

IGN writes: "Some captains would make you walk the plank. Others would set you adrift in a raft, and still others might choose to find a nice deserted island on which to leave you stranded. But when you're caught stowing away on the luxury cruiseliner "Great Challenger" in Naxat Soft's Break In, its captain decides to offer you a more merciful punishment – you must simply earn your right to stay aboard by winning a series of high stakes billiards games. Hope you brought your favorite cue.

Break In is a pool table simulator from the TurboGrafx which, while mostly offering a no-frills recreation of real world billiards, also includes that slightly ridiculous premise for a plot. Have you ever tried to play pool on a ship sailing out at sea? Wouldn't the natural rocking of the waves cause the balls to roll around on the table and make it pretty much impossible? I'm asking here. I've never done it myself."

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