The Madden Curse: Sports Gaming's Sinful Pleasure

SportsJoystick Writes: "Ah. The "Madden Curse." Evoking that name brings a broad range of responses. "Stupid." "See! Told ya!" "I hope so-and-so isn't on the cover next year." "He'll be the one to break it!" "I am SO glad LT isn't on there!" "Maybe if Madden got back on there, there wouldn't be a curse anymore." Okay, so that last one is more my styling than most, but it's true. As popular as the Madden video game franchise is, the curse might be more popular for the simple fact that pundits and statheads alike can form their own conclusions as to whether or not a printed picture on a piece of plastic that happens to sell millions of copies a year truly affects the play of a certain player. Of course, thanks to the great site that I now write for, I've been given the platform in which to not only explain the theory, but to give my own opinion on it! Hence... the editorial."

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