Xenoblade Chronicles X Rakes in Praise in New Trailer

While the industry’s eyes rest firmly on PlayStation Experience this weekend, Nintendo has just released one of its biggest games of the year, Xenoblade Chronicles X.

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DC777957d ago

Lots of fun with this game so far.

3-4-5957d ago

Wii U needed something like this. It adds credibility to the Wii U as a console and gives fans a truly great game they can be proud to have played.

This + LoZ is huge for Wii U, even if it's still lagging behind in sales.

SwiftArsonist957d ago

ive seen so many hrs of this game. its a shame is only on wii u. glad to see wiiu owners got another triple a title.

DiscoKid957d ago

The game keeps surprising me. There's so much depth and complexity to it, you're always learning new things.

equal_youth957d ago

Just to many games to play :(
I really have a problem liking every single genre oO

Darkfist957d ago

meanwhile everybody is talking about Ni No Kuni 2, FF7 remake gameplay, VR, R&C and ps2 games.

3-4-5957d ago

uhhh VR looks bad, and FF7 remake is a multi-part milking. But yea keep being a cult member.

Ni No Kuni 2 does look beautiful though. Such an awesome art style.

JunMei957d ago

You're just jealous you can't play this.

mamotte957d ago

Well, at least we're playing, not talking.

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