Shuhei Explains Why We Didn't See Many Big Announcements at PlayStation Experience

The PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote conference was full of splendor, but not everyone appreciated what was shown. Many complained that not many first-party games were shown during the conference and that the keynote seemed to focus on smaller games and indies.

According to Shuhei Yoshida, that was the plan all along and that our expectations were wrong. Cheer Shu. Telling it like it is.

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DarkOcelet989d ago

So i guess i was the only one who thought it was actually pretty good? They showed so many good games and many PS4 exclusives. And there is still more to come in the future. People need to relax because right now Sony is crushing it.

ZaWarudo989d ago

I also thought it was pretty good, way better than PGW. The PSVR stuff was boring though, and that demo with the discs was cringe worthy.

Bansai989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

One of the worst conferences I've watched in my life. The whole VR stuff was just soul crushingly bad and it ended on a low note.

The only highlight for me was Yakuza 0 and 5.

bouzebbal989d ago

Not many big announcements ? Are you people serious ?

Ezz_Snake988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

the show was good,not excellent
only FF VII, AC7, Nioh Gameplay & ofcourse UC4
was the exciting moments for me

i kept waiting for GOW announcement, and then i got disappointed

the problem is E3 is really far :(
Only GOW or Crash Could Satisfied me...

Kingthrash360988d ago

I thought it was decent myself. Ff7 gameplay was unexpected. ..Ni no 2...stealth releases..bastion for 3 bucks..nioh, ps2 games...more accurately remasters..they skipped indies in Paris so I liked the showing of indies..psychonauts...and uncharted. was a pretty decent show. I just think people were expecting gow and sony bends new game, so because they didn't get that it's an automatic fail?
People forget Sony has had 5 conferences this year...pgs,tgs,e3,psx, and the electronic conference (where they reveled the morphious) plus the game man at least they are consistently showing something.

ULTp0ltergeist988d ago

Obviously bad for anyone expecting anything big. Don't know If Sony ever hyped PSX to announce anything significant. But if they didn't then it was a normal conference with next to nothing significant announced. I actually thought Paragon was awesome, can't wait to see more.

Genuine-User988d ago (Edited 988d ago )


Stop it with the hyperbole. Are you not the same person who enjoyed The Game Awards "immensely"? :|

I know the two are different but they'l both showcase content and create memorable moments.

Griever988d ago

Ni No Kuni II, FF7 Remake gameplay, Nioh gameplay, Ace Combat 7, King of Fighters XIV, Last Blade 2 are more than enough games for me. People are such whiners and moaners. I understand that many were expecting GoWIV and Sony Bend's game but they didnt show them. It was disappointing for me as well but get over it! It is just a videogames show and there are much more important things in life to worry about! Seriously, what is wrong with people??

Septic988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

I wasn't expecting much from Playstation Experience tbh so the trailer of FF7 remake and more footage of Uncharted was cool.

The rest was a bit meh. I don't know why people keep on hyping these shows though.

Its obvious the big guns are saved for E3. The Paris show wasn't all that to me as well.

Still, 2016 already looks hectic and the big 2017+ reveals will come at E3 2016

donthate988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

I wish there was a bigger focus on VR. The darn thing is releasing in 6-months and we don't know pricing, the games have been barely shown, there is no release date and we practically know nothing.

Everybody here (on n4g) was was gushing and talking like it was the second coming of Christ and the same thing happened at Paris Games Week. Same thing happened, no big announcement. Not even on things that should have an announcement like PS VR.

I got what I expected which includes mostly indie games (Sony has been heavily into this generation about indies), except for the VR stuff. So essentially both MS and Sony has laid out their plans for 2016. The hope is of course none of the games lined up will slide into 2017!


The damn thing is called Playstation Experience and I'm supposed to be the dumb one for expecting something (ANYTHING) new from the guys who make PS?

The only reason I stay up to some ungodly hour and watch a damn conference is because I want to see the new stuff. And maybe I was dropped on my head when I was a baby or something, but given the general reaction after the show, that doesn't sound as such absurd to me! A conference called playstation anything, done by Sony themselves, where they don't show a single new first party game is, in my book, a fail by default.

New trailers and gameplay are cool, but that's not what livestream conferences are for, this belong in previews which any media outlet can bring me in much better detail than the hasty and noisy nature of a conference can provide... Hardware is definetelly a thing too, even if's not a new announcement for itself, there's always something new you can share before release of new hardware, but what had they showed us? A bad Tron demo? Where's the price, release date or launch games list?

I'm not saying the keynote took anything away from PS (although I really believe it did with that ugly VR tech demo, but that's beyond point here), I'm not saying the competition gains anything from it, just that it was a disappointment. It wasn't all bad, there were some good stuff there, but definetelly not the main course we were expecting and rightfully expecting mind you, we (the people disappointed at it) didn't got out hopes beyond reason really, we wanted some of what we got last year on the same event and truly any one single big announcement from one of the many first party studios that had been dead silent for years now would suffice. I really don't think that's too much to ask... It sure beats wasting time and money showing indies and ads for multiplat games' DLC, heck if this is what we get I rather see they cancel the damn thing next year and put the money towards development.

UltraNova986d ago

I kept waiting for Crash to make an appearance after that T-shirt Layden wore...

Not many in house studio title reveals either and the show ended on a low note.

I guess they're saving up for E3...

I'l give the show an absolute average score of 5/10.

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FTLmaster989d ago

I thought it was great too.

Ni No Kuni 2 + stealth releases + awkward (but hilarious) live show of vr = win for me

Bahamut988d ago

Why the F*CK has no one been covering this?
Ni No Kuni 2?! F*CK yeah!

That'll help wash out the bad taste of FF7:Remake's combat system. Bleeegghh.

Griever988d ago


The remake is not about the combat! It is about visiting all those places and meeting all those characters in glorious graphics. We can finally see their faces and emotions and listen to them talk. It is about experiencing the story, location and the legendary moments in modern visuals. Dont you want to see how that Don Corneo sidequest will look like? Or how Barret will look like in a sailor costume? How will the burning of Nibelheim look? Or the Aerith scene? What will be the summons like? How big will be Weapons? That is what the remake is about.

Muzikguy989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

I'm not surprised either way but people need to stop getting their hopes up. Sounding like new Pachters sometimes lol. If we keep saying wait until the next show we'll always be disappointed. I skipped this one on purpose. Keep expectations low and hype in check. Everything will be fine. Not that Sony has much to worry about right now, but if they kept their competition guessing just like they're doing to us, then they're doing a dam good job

RamRokoO988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

People acted like this was e3 their own hopes up. I guess based off last year's success? Idk But sony did not fail. They just failed to meet fans ridiculous expectations. It's like every event has to hit on some ridiculously high level that if it doesn't the consumer is throwing stones. Gaming from a consumer and developer pov has become rather poisonous. I'm okay with what they showed. At tokyo. At paris. At psx. Why!? Because e3 has always been where the high expectations are and should be to me. Dislike my post whatever. I'm just being real. Gaming industry expectations as a whole is unbelievable to me.

jeremyj2913988d ago

I wish I could give you more bubbles! I was more than content with what was shown. I expected a teaser for the next God of War but I'm actually glad it didn't happen because I remember how hard the wait for more Uncharted 4 was after the announcement last year.

christocolus988d ago

To be fair Sony didn't hype up this event. The high expectations and over hype was from fanboys online and some so called insiders.
Cough cough.. tidux.

Tidux is a fraud.after all the tweets about huge announcements from bend and santa monica at psx we saw nothing and now he is claiming that there was an issue towards the end of the show which caused sony not to reveal those games,but according to yoshida this was the plan all along. Tidux. Smh

MasterCornholio988d ago (Edited 988d ago )


Tidux VS Yoshida VS Rabid Fanboys

Id take what Yoshida said over the other two.

Because I'm a gamer.

donthate988d ago


I think people acted like this was Sony's E3 2.0, because both E3 and Paris Games Week as a little dissappointing, and top of that MS had a really good GamesCom event that did say E3 2.0.

I didn't expect much of that and it is nice to have events, but a few good surprises would be nice.

The major disappointment was in the PS VR department. I feel like there is so little known about it, despite it being shown often and expected to release within the next 6 months!


Sony didn't hype it up, but when the hype is building Sony didn't temper it either so you get disappointment when it doesn't measure up.

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Dee_91989d ago

didn't see it, but I see no new info on gt sport so color me disappointed.

WowSoChill989d ago

Guess will have to wait until E3 #GreatnessAwaits

And were the hell was TLG?

TKCMuzzer989d ago

Why? It was shown at E3 and we know it's coming. Let them get on with the game instead of travelling around the world to show snippets at every event.
Sony should fully focus on 2016 when it gets here, I'm sure TLG will get plenty of attention at E3 and beyond.

ABizzel1988d ago

It was on the show a interactive photo backdrop.

988d ago
TKCMuzzer989d ago

They can't announce AAA games at every show as it will be expected every year and it's impossible to make that many. PlayStation experience is supposed to be about celebrating things PlayStation, so it's whats out now and just around the corner.

The big announcements have to be saved for E3 so they can counter the opposition as that is an industry wide focused event and generally garners a wider range of viewers so needs to make a bigger impact. The Playstation even is full PlayStation gamers, Sony don't have to sway them or convince them of anything, their there because they like PlayStation.

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MasterCornholio988d ago (Edited 988d ago )


So Ni No Kuni 2, Detroit, Niho and Horizon are not AAA games?

Then there's Ratchet and Clank and Final Fantasy 7.

Those are not AAA games to you?

ginsunuva988d ago

In the Ps3 days they pretty much could. There was a new Ps3 AAA exclusive released like every other month!

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22CobraKing989d ago

It was good but it could've finished out better. The reason why they might now announce others was because they have been announcing games at e3, Paris games week and psx that they want to save some for e3 2016. In every of their conference we've seen a lot of announcement for games.

ScaReCrow90988d ago

What is funny is after e3 people kept saying they're saving stuff for these events. Doesn't seem like it. Of course now we will hear they're saving stuff for next e3 and round and round it goes. Always overhyped.

988d ago
WelkinCole988d ago

Nah it is not just you man.

No Numi 2 for crying out loud. Best JRPG last gen with VC.

Ni Oh is also a huge surprise and there is Ace 7 with VR which is perfect.

Realms988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

This PSX was ok I am happy I got see some games that are just around the corner like U4 and SF5 and upcoming games like R&C,Ni-Oh and Nino Kuni 2 sure their weren't any huge bombs but It was ok. I expect E3 2016 to really show case what Sony's first party AAA studios have been working on if not I'm really going to start to wonder and worry what the hell have their studios been working on.

ScaReCrow90988d ago

I would be worried already but I guess you can give them another year.

Realms988d ago

Really because Sony's history indicates to me that they have always delivered awesome first party games it's not like there isn't any games to play I have huge backlog of games I'm good and I KNOW the first party games will come.

Christopher988d ago

No, you weren't. It wasn't awe-inspiring, but it was definitely a good show of new games to come with, IMHO, some bigger announcements than what we've had before. Ni No Kuni 2 had our Google Hangouts channel just saying it over and over.

Otherwise, it was good. It was a mix of the known with a good amount of new and what to expect in 2016. It's looking like a ridiculous 2016 from AAA and non-AAA titles, IMHO.

bujasem_89988d ago

Nino Kuni 2 sold the show for me. I'm also really exited about neoh, its been ages since we've seen a game like Onimusha.

killacal13988d ago

I think Ni no kuni 2 and Ni-oh are great announcements, I don't know wut satisfies people nowadays, anyway, for me these games are wonderful news

uth11988d ago

I saw a few games I was interested in, but overall felt like a letdown. I can let them pass though for the big things they announced at E3 and PSX this year.

Still though, I was expection announcements of PSN features *cough name change cough* or firmware features, but there was nothing.

medman988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

The PS experience conference can't be megaton every year...I don't blame Sony for saving some of their bigger first party reveals we don't yet know about for E3....I mean, look at what they gave us at E3 2015. It was legendary. Then they followed that up with a fantastic showing at Paris Games Week.

I don't think fans should have expected another show full of AAA first party reveals....if they did that, what would they have to show next E3? Then everyone would be complaining that E3 2016 was a dud. Personally, I would have liked to have seen one big game reveal, but I'm not upset by what I saw....they showed a ton of games. 2016 is already looking jam packed for Sony with quality games, so more reveals right now would be perhaps too much gravy.

If anything, I'm more upset by the fact that games like Rime and The Tomorrow Children have just disappeared completely. The Tomorrow Children had a beta, for crying out loud. What happened?

Christopher988d ago

They showed The Tomorrow Children during some live stream earlier. Look for it on YouTube soon, I would assume.

bradleejones988d ago

I recall seeing people playing it and watching on live from PlayStation

medman988d ago

@christopher @bradleejones
Yeah, I saw that shortly after posting this comment....I was wondering what happened to it....still wondering about Rime.

JackStraw988d ago

Gamers seem to have an extremely hard (nearly impossible) time looking at things objectively. To them, something can only be good if they subjectively view it as good. That's a huge problem within the game community.

I can look at a game, and while not being interested in it at all, can still recognize it as worthwhile or valuable for what it may be.

Pseudogamers are rampant on N4G.

ginsunuva988d ago

It's probably because the average age of the N4Ger is 16

SpinalRemains138988d ago

Talk about mental gymnastics.

You just said, for all intents, that the games they showed are mostly not going to garner interest, but somehow they're objectively valuable.

No they're not. If games aren't worth playing, by gamers, by definition they suck.

JackStraw988d ago

@Spinal You're implying that a few gamers make up the entirety of the gaming community. No game is going to be loved or hated by every single gamer, so there should always be room for objectivity.

Also, I never said or implied that what was shown wouldn't garner interest. That is just what you got from my comment.

But ok. Prove my point.

XeroTheory988d ago

I thought it was great. A bunch of sweet of RPGs and Japanese games were announced/shown, (Ni No, AC7, FFVII, and Yakuza in particular) and we got to see more of Uncharted 4. That was more than enough to tide me over.

Rimeskeem988d ago

I was there and while yes it may have been disappointing compared to our expectations, it was not a bad keynote.

nodim988d ago

Yep, you are probably the only one who saw "many PS4 exclusives" and deemed the show for some weird reason

DiRtY988d ago

I am not trying to tell here, but that is the second executive, who justifies the conference.

IMO they shouldn't even have a conference without great content. I haven't seen one PlayStation fan, who said this was great show.

The only things people talk about are:

- Crash Bandicoot shirt
- Final Fantasy most likely coming to Xbox One
- Final Fantasy has a new battle system and bot everyone is feeling it.

DarkOcelet988d ago

They showed some great stuff. Ni No Kuni 2 to many people was an excellent announcement.

WellyUK988d ago

They showed a load of JRPG's... Some people don't like them therefore it disappointed those people, me included. But another mans turd is another mans gold.

DarkOcelet988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Who think JRPG games are turd needs to seriously change his/her mind.

JRPG is one of the most important genre in the gaming industry and one of the best.

WellyUK988d ago

Not saying it isn't but there are a lot of people who don't like them. No reason why they should like JRPG's. Just like some people don't like Strategy games, Shooters, racers... People like different things.

As I said one persons turd is another persons gold.

InTheLab988d ago

Maybe back in 1995. They've long been replaced with RPGs...

nodim987d ago

They showed a load of useless VR-games and an even bigger load of indies. As for JRPGs, there were TWO with one of them being a long-known remake. And Ni no Kuni is more of a JRPG for those who don't really like JRPGs. Really doubt that many jrpg-fans have been content with that "show".

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Hoffmann988d ago

I don't get the negative opinions either. I got very nice KOF XIV news, Ni No Kuni 2, Yakuza Zero, some VR Crazyness, the last SFV character and a nice look at the FFVII remake.

The announcement of the Full Throttle Remake made me happy as well.

The only thing I really missed there was Shenmue 3.

EazyC988d ago

This site, and the Playstation-dedicated ones, are the only that would agree with you. I think objectively, as a gamer who owns a PS4, rather than a hardcore Sony fan, would say it was a little underwhelming.

ThyMasterDebater988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Looking back after having some time to digest, I would say it was good. It did feel a bit lack luster compared to last PSX, but not everything can be a home run. One thing that blew my mind was how far in development FF7 is. They clearly have had it up and running for awhile now. I'd say it's at least been in development for 2 years. Ni Nu kuni 2 was also a pleasant surprise. Makes me want to go back and play the first one.

It's nice that they addressed the show and lack of triple A announcements right away with Shu saying that PSX is meant for smaller game announcements and for indie's to shine through more. Which also explains why Shu didn't take the stage as he is the first party guy.

assdan988d ago

There just wasnt anything new really.

DarkOcelet988d ago

How can you say that lol?

Ni No Kuni 2
Ace Combat 7
100 Foot Robot Golf
Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Corpser988d ago

What many ps4 exclusives did you see? I see multi plats ""console exclusive"s and "console exclusive debut"s

MAULxx988d ago

As far as vr, I would love to play Rez infinite & Ace Combat. I thought those were interesting.

DarkOcelet988d ago

I am so glad its on VR. I was hoping it would be on VR before the PSX.

ShadowKnight988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

They should've announced Sony Bend game though IMP. That would have been icing on the cake!

DarkOcelet988d ago

Well, E3 2016 will probably have all those AAA titles from Sony.

ShadowKnight988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

Yup, but Sony Bend hasn't announce a game in a long time. I thought it would have been a perfect time to announce it. Their game is probably still in early stages. But we all know it's coming though. It would be cool if they announce the Last of us 2 and Sony Bend game at E3 2016

PreAtaric988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

"So i guess i was the only one who thought it was actually pretty good?"

Nah I thought it was better than "pretty good". Had a big smile on my face through most of it. Saw a lot that interested me, and I've been addicted to Guns Up since I started playing it last night. They don't make gamers like they used to, if some of the comments here are serious.

Spenok988d ago

I was very excited about the announcements made. Especially Ni No Kuni 2. WOOT!