NVIDIA Speaks Out About Intel's Larrabee

Much ado has been made lately about Intel's Larrabee chip, with PC owners and tech heads wondering just what Intel's next venture holds for consumers' future. From gamers to hardware manufacturers, it seems like everyone has an idea, a dream and a wish list of what Larrabee means. Included in that bunch is none other than NVIDIA. NVIDIA today offered a two-page statement regarding Larrabee to address what the company has seen to date and to offer its opinions on the information that is currently in the public domain.

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Jdoki3483d ago

Rather than take pot shots at competitors Nvidia should concentrate on sorting out the disgusting debacle that anyone owning an 8400 or 8600 GPU in a laptop faces.

If recent reports are to be believed the problem extends to G92 and G94 cores as well.

Until I see benchmarks I'll reserve judgement on Larrabee - they have some interesting ideas, and after Intel stepped up their game with the Core 2 chips I'm willing to keep an open mind.

Right now (as an owner of a laptop with an 8400 GPU installed) AMD/ATI and Intel are looking much better propositions than Nvidia.

karlostomy3482d ago

for making use of its older pentium tchnology in a new innovative way.

Here's to hoping it raises the bar once again!