1UP: Tales of Vesperia Preview

1UP writes: "For the past few weeks, I've had to bite my tongue and bide my time as Shane Bettenhausen and Philip Kollar -- 1UP Yours regulars and fellow EGM Tales of Vesperia reviewers -- got in several digs against the game on our site's flagship podcast. Now it's my turn. I've played through the entire 60-plus-hour experience, and while I can't give the full rundown just yet, I can give a bit more context on the latest release in Namco Bandai's prolific action-role-playing franchise.

First, lemme address Shane's complaint regarding the game's alleged "high-res PS2" visuals -- purportedly not up to snuff for a current-generation RPG. The fact is that if you're not Square Enix, Microsoft-backed Mistwalker, or a handful of other high-profile role-playing developers, you're not gonna have an exorbitant amount of cash to work with; most Japanese publishers simply don't like to spend more money on development than is absolutely necessary. With that in mind, I'd prefer to think of Vesperia as a current-generation "upgrade" to second-tier RPG franchises -- Wild Arms, Suikoden, and the most recent PS2 Tales release, Abyss, for example. In that respect, Vesperia's impressive cel-shaded motif and bright, popping colors succeed brilliantly. These simply couldn't have been done on PS2; Abyss' ever-present loading and slow, choppy overworld scrolling are proof of that."

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