Australian Fallout 3 Now with Less Psychedelics

Ripten writes:

"The Australian government has reversed a ban on the forthcoming Fallout 3 due to gamer objections.

The Office of Film and Literature Classification originally had banned Fallout 3 due to its in-game drug use, rendering the game illegal for sale in Australia."

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Nostradavis3778d ago

That image (and the fact that I am under the influence) is really messing with my head at the moment....curse you vault boy and your drug pushing ways!!!

Twizlex3778d ago

Vault Boy is my hero. Even when he has bullet holes all over his body, he keeps a smile. Drugs would never phase him.

Zahaladeen3778d ago

...doesn't the Australian government have more important things to do than to "crack down" on video games? Do they really think putting the brakes on Fallout 3 that one out of three males won't abuse their spouse?

Video games don't make your prison colony crazy. The people were off their rocker to begin with.

Nostradavis3778d ago

maybe they hope that they won't abuse their spouse while under the influence LSD. Better to use Foster...Australian for Beer.

jade07323778d ago

just another day in the life of the OFLC just another ban just another paycheck to them this is b$$lsh$t (importing is the way to go ) f$$k them.