The Failure of Fanboyism

Jesse Salazar (known as aka Super Jesse Mario) gives his views about the failure of Fanboyism and how it alienates the so-called fanboy's from seeing what the real point is of being a gamer.

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power of Green 3778d ago

PS3(Damaging organized movement far beyond consumer prefference)

NextGen Exempt3777d ago

Out of all the people to post in an article regarding Fanboyism.
Hey, you even took the chance to insult the PS3 while you were at it.

You're such a f*cking idiot.

Product3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Funny how all this is coming from a 21 year old,21 or not though he has valid points.Fanboyism is the(whats that computer term that just got popular that i hate oh yea...)Fail.

Peekay3778d ago

once you go PS360 - you never go back - just admit it =P

PimpHandStrong3778d ago

someone needs to smack those Wii sh!t talkers!

man they suck


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