UGO: Mega Man 9 Preview

UGO writes: "Oh, Mega Man, you torment me to no end. 20 years ago I could barely comprehend how to handle an NES controller, the concepts of game play were wholly lost on me, and I... was 4. Sure, I can probably safely say that I've never even played the original Mega Man--my cognitive memory doesn't go that far back. But I do have some early memories of a single Mega Man 2 level that I played over and over and over again. It's funny how things have gone full circle.

After two decades, four console generations, and seven progressive sequels to the original Mega Man, we now find ourselves pitted against a regress: Mega Man 9. Part of me takes issue with calling MM9 a step backward. After all, it takes some serious chops to forgo every piece of technology we have available in today's world of game design to emulate a style of game play that we have wholly lost. Early video games were hard, the only recent game that comes close to recreating that same challenge is Ninja Gaiden II. And I'd probably go so far as to say that being able to save practically eliminates any further correlation between the action title and early quarter-suckers."

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