Mtron Pro 7500 32GB SATA-II SSD MSP-SATA7525 (Benchmark Reviews)

Solid State Drives have become a subject of keen familiarity for Benchmark Reviews over the past year. After testing more than a dozen SSDs, I have watched the industry opinion of these cutting-edge products sway from luxury item to performance hardware necessity. While it cannot be denied that SSDs are still a pricey gadget best suited for the affluent enthusiast, there have been so many new developments that now cost is sharply on the decline while performance is continually rising. With prices being much more affordable, and performance having surpassed the best HDD products long ago, it all boils down to a good price-to-performance ratio. In this article Benchmark Reviews tests the premium MSP-SATA7525 SATA-II SSD from Mtron, a company that has become the grandfather of Solid State Drives. We dispel the myths associates with SSD products, and prove that Intel's ICH10 controller is still not ready for Solid State Drive performance.

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