Star Citizen vs Uncharted 4 vs The Order vs Ryse graphics comparison

Here is a Graphics Comparison between Star Citizen ,Uncharted 4 A Thief's End ,The Order 1886 , And Ryse Son of Rome "real time cutscenes.

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DonkeyDoner811d ago

star citizen req $650 gpu
the rest?? just $300 and ready to play

Erik7357811d ago (Edited 811d ago )

That and star citizen uses a 3rd party engine compared to the order,uncharted who use a in-house engine from the ground up so they are probably a lot more optimized than some dev using cry-engine that got funded on kickstarter.

That is why star citzen "requires a 650 dollar gpu"

duplissi810d ago

Not really. CIG poached a lot of the engineers who wrote Cryengine, and have completely overhauled several areas of the engine. It is also silly and asinine to judge performance requirements by alpha builds of a game.

Anonagrog810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

Hold on a sec... I'm all for skepticism, but I'm also for factual information!

It's publicly known that large portions of the CryEngine have had to be written/rewritten for Star Citizen (double precision simulation, zoning/instancing system, Kythera AI, server backend and netcode, animation and facial system, physically-based flight model and feedback control system, etc, etc, so on and so forth). Also, besides the numerous industry veterans on the project anyway, they have a studio in Frankfurt staffed with several former Crytek personnel working on the technology alone. Furthermore, I believe (one of the dev videos) some of those engine changes have actually been folded back into the original branch of CryEngine too, so it's likely to benefit the other devs out there using the engine.

Whilst I agree with you on the capability to optimize both 'The Order' and 'Uncharted' in-house engine(s), in this case it's hardly rational to brush "some dev... that got funded on kickstarter" aside just for using a "3rd party engine". Aside from the premise not making sense in it's own right, in this case it's provably incorrect.

Army_of_Darkness810d ago

The order still looks the best.

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duplissi810d ago

And no.. Also Star citizen isn't finished yet.

Plus, Star Citizen is Made to showcase what PC games can be, it can be run at higher resolutions, and Framerates than what consoles are capable of.

Silly comparison in the end. imo.

BG11579810d ago

That is a good question, will SC ever be finished and release?

Christopher810d ago

Yeah, but Star Citizen looks beautiful. REgardless of its requirements, it's definitely pushing the tech.

Vegamyster810d ago

Star Citizen - Persistent Universe
The rest?? heavily scripted/linear in comparison.

These games are not comparable.

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Kribwalker811d ago

2 years in and ryse still looks amazing. I'm gonna play it again pretty quick, haven't played it since I beat it at launch but bought it for $10 again the other day

PistolsAtDawn810d ago

...and it was a launch title. So when it was first in development Crytek didn't even know what the final hardware would be. It's why I'm excited for their VR game

green810d ago

Just finished it a month ago on the hardest difficulty and I had fun playing it. Would have been a better game if you did not always complete the finishing moves if you got the button prompts wrong.

I really hope Microsoft can secure the IP in order to make a sequel because in the right hands, it could be amazing.

SlavisH2811d ago

star citizen! stop making excuses

Eiffel810d ago

Especially since Star Citizen is supposed to be open world while the other three are quite linear. Nuff said.

tee_bag242810d ago

Tell me about it. Star Citizen blows these other games out of the water

darKsoul3811d ago

star citizen > Ryse > Uncharted 4 > The Order 1886 just my opinion.

timmyp53810d ago

Gary Oldman looks like butt though lol and all those other games destroy in animation. Just look at that horrible lip animations..

duplissi810d ago

Funny thing is.. That is motion capture. lol.

timmyp53810d ago

welp money wasted if they won't implement it well with that talent.

DarXyde810d ago

You think Ryse looks better than The Order: 1886?

Hey, to each their own. I can't at all see what you're talking about on that one though.

Vasto810d ago

Yes, Ryse does have the better looking cuts. The Order's lack of color makes it not look as good.

DarXyde810d ago

Having played both games, I would absolutely say The Order: 1886 looks better. From facial animations to detailed hair and uniform textures, to accurately capturing saccadic movement. I would definitely say The Order: 1886 takes it on this one. Does Ryse look visually better than Uncharted 4? Eh, totally subjective, but I would say graphically Ryse looks better, but Uncharted 4, though linear, is not as linear as Ryse. The Order is more linear than both games.

I'll say this: if you look at both of those games in game up close, you might be very quick in changing your position. The Order up close is almost unrealistically lifelike.

jcc737810d ago

I have played both, I own both and disagree, however...The Prder is no slouch either, but I replayed Ryse a few times just to look at the graphics again, yet I only played the Order once, however I did enjoy The Orders story and the game overall. As far as Uncharted, I don't think the presentation should be made until the final product is released.

MasterCornholio810d ago

Uncharted and the Order look better than Ruse in my opinion.

timmyp53810d ago (Edited 810d ago )

I think a lot of people don't remember how generic Marius in Ryse looks without a helmet on(even in cutscenes). Ryse has some of the best lighting though ever. Top notch.

Mikefizzled810d ago

If he hadn't looked generic he may have looked wrong. What did you expect from a roman legion? An afro, tattoos and a nose piercing?

timmyp53810d ago

Not referring to design.

Kribwalker810d ago

The thing that bugged me about ryse was the lack of different enemies. There was only a handful of character models

jcc737810d ago

I can boot it up right now and see, think he looks better without the helmet actually.

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FoxyGotGame810d ago

Comparing Star Citizen that needs a beefy Modular PC to run as intended, to these static Consoles is a joke and poor writing /

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