Braid walkthrough videos

Since Braid has no cheat codes a walkthrough will definitely come in handy in case your brain can't handle all the time-manipulating madness that you will encounter in the new Xbox Live Arcade masterpiece.

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Fat Princess3330d ago

Hmm is this game extremely short? Looks like it.

Saint Sony3330d ago

Seriously, Braid is totally not worth ruining with these walkthroughs.

Any puzzle game would be short with walkthroughs. Though best part of Braid starts after you solve all the worlds. Hidden stars.. many of them. Finding them is a real puzzle of this game.

JOLLY13330d ago

I thought it was like was 2 am. I don't have many more pieces to go (on the main 2 floors). I found one star, but I haven't figured out how to get to the damn thing! Oh it is a weird game.

Andras843330d ago

Seriously....jumping on clouds...on little creatures heads who come out of a cannon...

No I'm not describeing's Braid.

Boldy3330d ago

Yes and I bet Mario had Time warp in it, difficult puzzles and... literally puzzles, with beautifully crafted music, and worlds that looked like they were created with with watercolors. It's one of the most beautiful games I have played in quite some time, and only looking at videos will you come to the assumption that it is a knock off of Mario while the people that have actually played it can actually appreciate what work of art this game really is.

Dannagar3330d ago

Nooooo.... don't watch it. Figure it out for yourself.

Rhezin3329d ago

but one thing I can't find are these stars everyone is talkin about