NGamer UK: Gyrostarr Review

NGamer UK writes: "This is the second WiiWare effort from High Voltage, the outfit behind much-hyped shooter The Conduit. The first one was total cack, but happily this old-school space shooter has a good deal more going for it than giant floaty man hands. It's simple enough stuff – you hop in a little ship and fly down the pathways, blasting away at enemies and picking up sufficient energy blobs to open a warp gate to the next level. And that's about your lot, aside from bonus levels where there are no enemies, just points to beef up your high score while travelling at barfneck speeds."

You'll love

* Nice spacey backgrounds
* Multiple control options
* Four player split-screen

You'll hate

* Goes by a little too fast
* Half-baked motion controls
* Not much depth

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