PC Gamer: Space Siege Review

PC Gamer writes: "With every siege-able dungeon on Earth now thoroughly sieged, Gas Powered Games' Space Siege goes not-so-boldly where few action RPGs have gone before - to a cavernous starship in the inky blackness of space. The premise is boilerplate sci-fi: the human colony ship ISCS Armstrong is breached and invaded by the Kerak, a space-faring but dumb warrior race of crustacean-like aliens, and you, playing as robotics specialist/Rambo Seth Walker, must kill 'em all and let their crustacean god sort 'em out. Cue the furious mouse-clicking and isometrically viewed third-person bloodletting!"

You'll love

* Legions of aliens to squish
* Four-player co-op mode
* Slowly turning into a cyborg

You'll hate

* Lack of depth
* Bland, homogeneous environments
* Underwhelming combat

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