Mummy 3 better on Blu-ray than in cinema says director

Rob Cohen, director of such Hollywood blockbusters like Stealth, The Fast and the Furious, and most recently, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, thinks Blu-ray shows off his latest creation better than the theater. According to Cohen, the post-production makes the visual effects pop on the high-def media.

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Fat Princess3780d ago

Worst movie of the year so far. Nothing can save it.

jwatt3780d ago

Yea as a Mummy fan I was dissapointed with this movie the most but I'm not saying it was horrible. It lacked the feel that the previous Mummys had. Anyway I'm sure it's going look better on Blu Ray but there are alot of other movies that came out this year that are also going to be good on Blu Ray.

usin4203780d ago

The Dark Knight is definately one I'm looking forward to on Blu Ray!!

The Cryptkeeper3780d ago

Hey, my brother was in this movie. He was one of the rotting corpses, Ahahahaha.

wildcat3780d ago

Yeah, they shouldn't have changed directors.

Asurastrike3780d ago

The Mummy is #1 everywhere outside of the US. Batman still owns the US.

Megatron083780d ago

Dark knight will look like crap on blu ray. Its a movie that is less about looking real and more about the feel and you will lose that feel when it goes to blu ray. The mummy will look better cause it a movie that over uses CG and the smaller of screen you run something on that the better it looks.

rhood0223780d ago

Blu-ray is great..but making the Mummy 3 better?

It's a high def disk format, not Jesus.

Qbanj693780d ago

[quote] Dark knight will look like crap on blu ray.[/quote]

What the hell are you talking about? The Dark knight was filmed exclusively with IMAX/ HD-CAM. This will be one for the books.
Non-grainy heaven here we come.

Sitdown3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I am not sure you understand what Megantron was talking about. Now I do not believe that the movie will look like crap on bluray......but I think he does make an excellent point. For instance, Planet Earth on bluray will look better than the Dark Knight..........why? Because of what the film was shooting. In the Dark Knight it was not necessarily built on conveying visuals and elaborate scenes.........but the Mummy 3 was. Batman is more story driven over visuals.....where as the Mummy depends on the visuals to tell the story. Like, I believe that Batman begins will look better than the Dark Knight on bluray...why? Because the Dark Knight does not have the elaborate snow scenes and other beautiful environment shots like Batman Begins does. The Dark Knight was meant to be dark and gritty.....which does not necessarily convey into pretty when compared to the level of detail, bright colors and emphasis on environment that was being pushed for in Mummy 3. With that said.......I have not liked in of the Mummy movies.....perhaps its because I can not get into Brandon F...or whatever his name is.

thesummerofgeorge3780d ago

You're both wrong, The fact that the movie will be in hi def (and the movie is meant to be seen in hi def, I saw it in it's hi def glory in imax) does not take away from the feel of the movie, it's what it's meant to look like... And, The Dark Knight is among other things about stunning visuals, why do you think certain scene's were shot in IMAX HD? Cause they were full of stunning visuals that look even better in hd. The Dark Knight blu ray will look incred. End of story. And on a side note, so will Hellboy 2.

sloth4urluv3780d ago

Thats amazing considering most theaters use digital projectors that are either 2048×1080 or 4096×2160. Yeah, it will deff look better...

Sitdown3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Allow me to try and break this down for you......nobody is disputing that the movie will be in hi def, or that it was meant to be seen in hi-def....and I am not even disputing that watching it at home will take away from the feel of the movie. What I am saying is this....if I shoot a piece of notebook paper in hi def and then a snow leopard chasing an animal through snow capped mountains.......yes the paper will look good in hi def, but it will not be as breath taking as the snow leopard. If possible, but aside your love of the Dark Knight so that you can see this from a non bias perspective. In my opinion movies like Jet Li's Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Golden Flower are visual masterpieces because of the colors and scenes they capture...and when it captured in HD look more so the amazing. Just look at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.....awesome in, I think Mummy 3 is closer to those movies in terms of scale and trying to utilize visuals than what the Dark Knight was trying to do.....and its usual the vast colors and detail that are used to make hd movies stand out. I do not even think that the Dark Knight was trying to be a visual masterpiece. And that is why I could agree with Megatron and see part of the point that he was trying to make.

I invite you to show me scenes from the Dark Knight that look to bring this much detail as the screen shots I have posted.

thesummerofgeorge3779d ago

I'm not sure I understand what you mean... The Dark Knight doesn't have to have all the colors of a Mummy movie or a Speed Racer to look awesome in HD... Although I don't completely agree that TDK isn't visually stunning, it's just dark, it still has a feel, and awesome visuals, from watching the contrast of the Jokers menacing face paint in a dark holding cell, to one of the most incredible explosions in movie history when the Joker blows up the hospital. This movie in my opinion benefits greatly from high definition as well as the IMAX camera (for the scenes they used it on). It doesn't need to be a movie that's primarily about the colors and visuals to look better in HD than not. So lets not sit here and compare screen shots for christ sake.... what does that prove?

Sitdown3779d ago

Did you really just ask what it proves? It proves my point. Again..........nobody is saying that The Dark Knight will not look good........but the comparison was to Mummy 3............and because of the direction that was taken with Mummy 3 for the non biased movie watcher they might say Mummy 3 looks better. Are you also willing to tell me that the The Dark Knight will look better than The Last Samurai? Are you willing to say that The Dark Knight will look better than Planet Earth? And think the destruction of the hospital was one of the greatest explosions in movie history? Again...nobody is saying that the Dark Knight will not look awesome in hd.........but the Mummy will take greater advantage of what stands out for people in hd. Go to any electronic store with hd running.....and it is not hard to see what style of movies and scenes they use to sell hd to is not Dark Knight quality footage......but Mummy 3 and Planet Earth type stuff. Where the are tons of colors, contrast in colors, lively scenes....Let me say it one more time, nobody is saying that Dark Knight will not look good in you do not have to continue with the whole imax experience.....but again, movies like Mummy 3, Planet Earth, and Batman Begins would more likely be used to sell hd.

thesummerofgeorge3779d ago

Nobody is saying TDK won't look good in HD?
Quote from Megatron: "Dark knight will look like crap on blu ray. Its a movie that is less about looking real and more about the feel and you will lose that feel when it goes to blu ray."

You don't even know what you're arguing about, clearly he WAS saying it would look worse in HD than not. You posting some colorful screenshots does NOT prove anything, it's your opinion, not a fact. And by the way, the explosion at the hospital is widely acclaimed as one of the best yet, as it wasn't all CG crap like most out there, it looked real as hell... but clearly you've got a bug up your ass when it comes to TDK. I was never arguing whether TDK would look better than this movie or that movie, or the other movie... That's retarded, I'm not gonna try to determin which movie looks the best in HD, cause there's room for all the movies you could imagine to look awesome in HD, arguing one is better than the other is opinion, not fact. Just cause one movie has more colors or special effects doesn't mean it looks better in HD, it's all in the eye's of the beholder. Some people enjoy the simple fact that HD just makes the picture crisper and clearer, regardless of what's on the screen. And you saying the Mummy has more of what stands out for people in HD? So you are speaking for everyone? for me to? You clearly have little understanding of what you're talking about, HD isn't there for only one main purpose, it's not just one thing that stands out for everyone. A drama with no spectacular visuals can benefit from HD as well, it's just a clearer picture. You could have said the same thing when DVDs first came out, but what it comes down to is it's simply the next better looking media form.

Sitdown3779d ago

"but clearly you've got a bug up your ass when it comes to TDK"

I think that pretty much sums up how this conversation has turned....when ever you have to start being demeaning it speaks to this conversation becoming to personal for you. There is no need for me to respond because you lack the bubbles to continue this conversation. But when I said "nobody" I was referring to myself, as I had already posted earlier that I was not agreeing with Megatron in that the Dark Knight would look like crap on bluray. Its obvious that you love this movie, and I know that you will enjoy it on bluray.....enjoy your hospital explosion.

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mohib-uddin79865323780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I bet he wouldnt say that had it not been released in the cinema already

by the way movies are begining to lose quality and orginality day by day

i have grown interest is animations like Boondocks, family guy and Death Note. Especially the japanese animations. They grab your emtions and senses

Spydiggity3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

family guy hasn't been good since they brought it back from cancellation. they shoulda stopped at season 3.

i agree about movie's goin down hill. it's Jurassic Park's fault. that's a great movie but it basically made it so movies can get away with special effects and not story or acting. Lord of the Rings is a perfect example of that. amazing special effects, but the actors, editing, and especially the hack director made that a B movie. Same with the Spiderman movies. people still pay to see them though, so hollywood isn't getting the message.

Bazookajoe_833780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Hellsing, berserk, trinity blood, basilisk, ninja scroll, vampire hunter D, claymore and monster. I love japanese anime...

Then you have the americans, Simpsons, family guy, southpark, american dad and futurama. The newest futurama film was pretty good, the beast with a billion backs..

mohib-uddin79865323780d ago

which one is most like death note

becuase death note is amazing. it i the smartest thing i have ever seen in my life. better than any shows movies animes carttons videos ever !!!

jaja14343780d ago

Bah Claymore went downhill around eps. 15 or 16

INehalemEXI3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I thought i saw Jet Li in the trailer was that him?

On animes, Heroic Age, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gilgamesh and Naruto Shippuuden are good watching too. I tried to watch Witchblade but my Lady gives me a hassle when I do so ive only seen a bit.

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Figboy3780d ago

i don't think he's heard of those, it might "knock his head off..."


His film didnt do aswell as expected at the cinema so please buy it on Blu-Ray so we can make some more money........

Aint i cynical.

trancefreak3780d ago

haha good decipher. its all about the money

The Wood3780d ago

bang on the pun intended

Eiffel3780d ago

Well Duh almost every movie is better on Format than in theaters blu-ray or not.