No Trophies for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed writes"News has just come in that LucasArts upcoming Star Wars game, The Force Unleashed will not support the Playstation 3's Trophy system.

We contacted Adam Kahn, LucasArts Senior PR Manager for confirmation"

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jamilion3777d ago

should not sway the decision of starwars fans (like me)
Its still a great buy
BUT for those who were on the fence (for what reason may concern them), this isn't good news.

Fishy Fingers3777d ago

Well Trophies aside. I'm gonna need to wait on some reviews or maybe even a rental before I commit to buy. Star Wars games have always been hit and miss with me. Honestly, from what I've seen this doesn't look that great, not when you compare it to some other titles on the horizon, I could be wrong though, hence the reviews/rental.

himdeel3777d ago

...I'm going to wait for the review(s) also. I can count on both hands and feet the number of times I've bought Star Wars games and damn near vomited a little at how bad they were and at how little money I'd get back for trade ins.

ozsman3777d ago

This is news. Just crapy news for the the Sony trophies peps.

Bnet3433777d ago

So I am guessing Trophies aren't going to be a standard yet.

INehalemEXI3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

It is a bummer that there are no trophy's off the bat or any confirmed plans of future trophy's that I know of.

Still the game has me sold it looks to be one of the best if not the best Star Wars game yet IMO. Topping Jedi Academy, and the KotOR's in many respects. SCIV shows that the force is strong with Starkiller "The Apprentice."

The physics , the graphics, the lightsaber, the story which fills in a void in the Star Wars Universe time-line, the lightsaber wielded with a unique style. Lucas digs it, The light side , the Dark side , Vader, and other notable cameo's. The lightsaber..... its all there and it all seems to be in order.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3777d ago

Trophies are standard it's just that Sony implemented the trophies late so some developers can't implement them in their games. If a developer is more than 50% done chances of them implementing the trophy system is slim. All developers can’t be saying, “Everyone stop development on the PlayStation 3 build we have to implement trophies now.” That would take too long to do but future games will support the trophy system that start from scratch after the system was implemented.

Megatron083777d ago

They are not standard and they will never be that way. This is an thought (aka a rip off). 360 has them standard in every game MS wont even allow a game to be release that doesnt have them in. Sony is in a very bad postion they are losing dev support left and right. So they cant try to enforce anything that they add to the psn or home (if its ever released). While the 360 still acconts of over 50% of all sofware sells this gen. So if they want to make something standard they are in a good pstion with devs to that.

Daver3777d ago


what are you talking about... Trophies will become a standard, games dont have them for now because the games that are releasing now and soon were already started and almost finished when the trophie system was available...Developpers have to plan this at start.

Devs will have to introduce them in their games, ps3 owners are buying more and more games, and its gonna be tough for them to avoid trophies.
May i remind you that EA made more profit with ps3 than xbox (softwares)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I'm pretty sure they're standard just that the 3D representation of the trophies in PlayStation Home won't be. Like for example the exclusive game Siren: Blood Curse doesn't have trophies because in development they didn't have that in mind. I'll know for sure when new games that start development after not during the trophy update software doesn't support trophies.

I know for sure anything in PlayStation Home is by choice by developers if they want to spend the extra time advertising their game for free. If you think about it having an Uncharted 2 T-Shirt would be advertising, pretty smart.

Megatron083776d ago

Its nice to see that blind fanboy have no clue was to what the word standard means.

If they were standard they be in star wars force unleashed and every other game that is on the ps3 but they are not there for they are not standard.

MikeGdaGod3776d ago

i was going to get the game before trophies were announced so this won't sway me

Milky3776d ago

I am not buying it anymore.

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xhi43777d ago


ah well still a buy for me!

Area_513777d ago

Devs. need to know that if they add trophies to a game it will sell more copies. When they added trophies to SSHD they sold a lot of copies of that game. Then when Uncharted add them, I turned on my ps3 on and there was more than 10 of my friends playing the game and that went on for days.
Trophies=more sales

ruibing3777d ago

Yeah, I still hope they patch it with it later though. If they already have a built-in award system like Uncharted, it makes lil sense not to.

Lucreto3777d ago

I will still get the game. Trophies can be added later.

Bucky Sligo3776d ago

There are no guarentee that it will get trophies in the future and it will probably not. Trophies is an after thought by Sony to copy Microsoft. It won't be standard for a long time.
If the don't add trophies later on the PS3 fans are probably going to say the devs are [email protected] and curse them and say they are fat or something stupid.

Dlacy13g3777d ago

But why in the he11 did Sony not make trophies mandatory moving forward on all games once they announced the system? It just doesn't make sense for it not to be mandatory if you are trying to have a "robust" trophey system for users to really get behind.

And this hurts the replay value of the game imo. I mean once you play through it, what is the real motivation to play the game again since it has only single player in it? Sure Star Wars fans will play it again, but for the avg. gamer this might be better served as a rental than a buy on the PS3.

Peekay3777d ago

they did. I think they said that every game that starts development 3 months after the trophy system came into play would have to have trophies. It's not something that can be done overnight. StarWars began development a few years ago. It would be unfair on the Lucas team if they had to go back and create trophies for the game. I believe the reason ND got their trophies out for Uncharted so quickly was because they had been working on them for some quite time.

DJ3777d ago

So patching it was easy. But if Stars Wars doesn't have a similar system in place, then setting up the Trophy System could be a very big undertaking. They'd have to program in flags to keep track of the player's progress, and make sure that it works correctly.

And since development is already close to completion, they probably don't have the manpower to implement and then test it. Trophies will be standard at a certain point for all releases, but it's unfair for Sony to ignore the rights of development teams.

Dlacy13g3777d ago

I am 99% sure that Sony made a statement that they were NOT going to be making Trophies mandatory for developers. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I recall Gearbox's president confirmed Sony was not making it mandatory.

As for your comment DJ. Given this title is coming to the 360 and PS3 it seems it would have been rather easy to implement some of the achievements already being used for the 360 as trophies for the PS3 version.

Peekay3777d ago

"Lempel: We're working with developers to hit a deadline. It's not something that we're trying to force on them, since it eats into their development schedules. Many of them want to do it. It's just there's some additional work on their end; someone has to create art and assets, and we don't want to interfere with what they're currently working on. Ultimately, we'll have trophies for every game, but we didn't want to force it on them immediately."

I think that guy from Gearbox was speaking about the present situation?

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Deviant3777d ago

they could push the sells if they implemented trophies. well their decision.:)