Gamers Universe: Space Invaders Get Even

Gamers Universe writes: "Nintendo's WiiWare service has played host to a startling variety of titles in the few months since launch, though the likes of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and TV Show King barely prepare for this 30th anniversary update to the most holy of videogame properties. Taito's Space Invaders Get Even is about to tear the remake rulebook to shreds, spinning the series' simplicity on its head and allowing players to partake in the other side of the campaign. Get ready for a day in the life of a mothership - Will Smith thankfully not included.

Playing out as an action-RTS, Get Even melds Pikmin-esque control mechanics with city-destroying pyrotechnics straight out of Rampage - or perhaps the more apt Earth Defence Force 2017. Players take on the persona of the iconic UFO, dispensing swarms of invaders with destruction of mankind their only objective - a far cry from speeding across the top of a screen acting as an elusive high score mechanism. Bloody thing."

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