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Halo 5 claims to contain 15 missions, but there are actually only 12. Missions 4, 9 and 11 only earn their title in the sense that an Achievement pops up when they’ve been completed. At around 90 seconds in duration apiece, they each demand that players press X to trigger a conversation or two before the screen slowly fades to black. Even before the realisation arrives that one fifth of this campaign is essentially an illusion, it’s already clear that Halo 5 represents a fairly brutal fall from grace.

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Septic1082d ago

Really harsh review and one that is in a minority and I don't agree with the concluding thoughts at all but do agree that the SP dragged down the MP.

ninsigma1081d ago

I own the game and completed it. If you wish to verify you can check out my GT. That seems to be thing to do around here when people don't believe others. It's the same as my n4g name.

Septic1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I was speaking to you on here a couple of days back and you said you hadn't played it. My bad.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the MP?

What your GT?

ninsigma1081d ago

No I said I hadn't played the MP in the full game yet. SP I have played and didn't enjoy it.

GT is same as my N4g name. Ninsigma.

Septic1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Fair play my bad. Well the review is only spot on as far as the sp is concerned. You haven't played the mp much I see.

ninsigma1081d ago

Yes I agree with you on that. I loved the mp beta so I can only imagine the full mp is just as good if not better. I need to give warfare (?) a go.

3-4-51081d ago

I only play Team Slayer. It's the only thing I enjoy but I haven't played in a few days as it's starting to get old real quick.

Halo 5 is a solid game...a good game even, but it gets boring quicker than any other Halo game I've ever played.

* I'd probably take it back if it wasn't for Forge.

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GribbleGrunger1082d ago

Whether you agree with this score or not, I'm seeing a really bad trend emerging with these late reviews.

boodi1081d ago

late trend is what you see down in this page listed as of the latest review appeared on the web for halo 5 , the scores are resepctively 8 9 8.5 and 9 . this is the trend of the late reviews . btw .

Tobsesan1081d ago

What a horrible review...

Septic1081d ago

You haven't even played the game??

Scrivlar1081d ago

Got to agree with this based on the campaign alone, I don't play the multiplayer so can't comment on that.

hudsoniscool1081d ago

The mp is a 9.5/10 easy.
The sp is on equal level to most of the other ones in the series. 7.75/10
Overall I'd give it at least a 9

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