NVIDIA PhysX Particle Fluid Demo [Video]

This is a video of NVIDIA's GPU-accelerated PhysX technology in action. The GPU is calculating physics for thousands of spheres, each with their own individual physical properties, to create a dynamic fluid system.

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bob12345673777d ago

Ran this on ma 8800GT same frame rate / effects so im pleased. Loving the PhysX running on CUDA.

Its depressing though not literaly. Throught most things like graphics and physics you can confuse the eye thinking that its real. But when you bring in FLUID physics you cant really create a true feeling of water. To me this is the ultimate challenge. Creating realtime water physics. The lower the viscosity the more particles there has to be. Ide be very exited if someone can find a way to fool the human eye to believing real 3d water reacting with it surroundings. If not then were just going to have to add more polygons and physics calculations and then we wont ahve any game just some water park lolzor ... or im just being close minded...

Weed3777d ago

I think that the reason It's not as impressive as some other aspects of video games, is that fluid dynamics is very complicated and not completely understood.

There's actually a million dollar problem in fluid dynamics at the moment.

The Lazy One3777d ago

Back around when bioshock came out, some randome 3rd party tool developer was supposed to be making a full liquid physics simulator for games?

It sounded interesting, but I never actually saw any footage of it. The preview had a guy in front of a big fish tank, and liquid as it is now was like waves in the thing, and liquid the way they do it was supposed to be like breaking the fishtank.

I don't necessarily believe it, but I was just wondering if anyone else remembers it/knows what happened to it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3777d ago

I remember it very well...

I'm just not sure who it was.

Weed3777d ago

Considering that this is rendered in real time I am impressed. I hope to see more advantages from PhysX in the future. Would be great addition to the next generation of consoles to come IMO.

TheIneffableBob3777d ago

The PhysX API is built into the Unreal Engine 3. There are more games out there that use PhysX than you think.

N00BZSUCKASS3777d ago

water in gears 2 smokes this.

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