Miyamoto's Pikmin sequel just might be called Piktura

Siliconera's Spencer reprots:

"Nintendo nonchalantly confirmed a new Pikmin game was in development at E3 when Shigeru Miyamoto said "We're making Pikimn" at Nintendo's 2008 E3 Developer Roundtable. No media was shown and the platform wasn't even announced.

My search for shreds of information on the next installment of Pikmin brought me to Japan's trademark database where Nintendo registered Piktura a month before E3."

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gaffyh3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

I think it'll probably be some sort of camera peripheral for the Wii. Cos we all know how much Nintendo loves peripherals. Although it'd be pretty cool if it was a Pikmin sequel.

noname1083626d ago

cus you can draw more easily on ds and its called piktura, picture?