GameZone: Total Extreme Wrestling 2008 Review

GameZone writes: "I must admit that I have a fascination with wrestling. I've been a huge fan of wrestling twice now, once in the early 80's and then again in the late 90's and early 2000's. My last infatuation with wrestling drove me to find out more about what really happened in wrestling. I made it a point to visit almost every wrestling Web site to read about the latest scoop and behind the scenes happenings of WWE, WCW, ECW and Japanese wrestling.

I even had a crazy dream at one time that I wanted to be involved in the inner workings of a wrestling company. There were a couple local independent companies (Ohio Valley Wrestling and IWA Mid-South) running shows that I would attend from time to time. I remember at one show thinking to myself that I would get some money up and "invest" in one of these companies. Now if you know anything about wrestling you probably realize just how insane that idea was at the time. You don't just "invest" in a wrestling company and get a chance to run the show. I was naïve and sucked into a form of entertainment that I thought I knew everything about. Yet almost 10 years later the wrestling business is still going, with fans still having the same dream I did years ago."

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