Phoenix Games reviews Kung Fu Panda – a licensed game done right for kids and adults

Along with the huge summer box office releases we are welcomed with the video game versions right alongside. "Now I am a person who will rarely waste our time playing these movie-based video games because they usually lack everything that makes a video game fun." Most of the time the game has a few characters thrown in from the movie, some silly story that doesn't make sense and a few wasted hours that we probably should have been spending outdoors.

Luckily we took a chance with "Kung Fu Panda" and Phoenix Games can easily say they were impressed and gave them a glimmer of hope for future movie-based games. Activision actually made "Kung Fu Panda" just as enjoyable and funny as the movie. One notable addition, which is massive in their book, is that all the actors came back to voice the game. That tells them Activision took some serious time to make this a game that parents could smile about spending their money on.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, "Kung Fu Panda" is about a noodle-making Panda named Po who has a passion for Kung Fu. Just like many of our children, Po has superheroes of his own which he looks up to: "The Furious Five." Along his quest to learn Kung Fu, Po finds out that he is the chosen Dragon Warrior and is meant to fight the evil and powerful Tai Lung who has just escaped from prison after many years who is now in search for the Dragon Scroll. Throughout the movie Po finally gets the chance to fight alongside all of his childhood heroes and so do you with the help of Activision.

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