Proper Games: XBLA needs proper categorisation writes: "Proper Games CEO Paddy Sinclair, who's company announced a key deal with Capcom for downloadable title Flock! at E3, has admitted to that he has "mixed emotions" about Microsoft's title cull for Xbox Live Arcade.

Sinclair, formerly at Visual Science before establishing Dundee-based Proper Games in 2006, feels that while he's worried that his company's title "could just get lost in the morass of arcade conversions", he also sympathises with companies for whom those games that get cut are their "bread-and-butter...trickle of income".

"Well, it's with mixed emotions really," he said of Microsoft's plans. "At the moment there is a little bit too much junk on there - that's not to denigrate the guys who have stuff there, but a way to tier and rate content would be nice."

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