Eat Sleep Play's Twisted Metal (PS3) to Debut at Leipzig?

Jaffe's blog indicates that his latest project, which he himself confirmed to be a Twisted Metal Project for the PS3, and was later re-confirmed in a cryptic message in their first project 'Twisted Metal: Head On' for the PS2, is supposedly in "the crunch" for a "Sony Dog and Pony" showing next week. That just so happens to coincide with the Leipzig Games Convention.

Jaffe writes, "I figured I'd share a bit of what's up with the work on my end. Out in Utah I know the team is scrambling to get a nice, sexy build of the game going for a Sony Dog and Pony next week. While I am sure I would drive some of them crazy if I was out there everyday- and the very successful, very functional alliance we've forged over the last 12 years would prob. not work with daily,real life connection- it's times like these I WISH I was out there, so I could help with the crunch. Ah well, I can always hop a flight :)"

Of course this is still a rumor and it could be an internal presentation rather than a public one, but the choice of words here leads me to speculate that we may see our first glimpse of Twisted Metal very, very soon.

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Viktor E3624d ago

I have faith in David Jaffe,unlike Dennis Dyack,Jaffe will deliver a AAA Gaming experience

Fishy Fingers3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Please stop posting that link in every single thread. This is even a PS3 thread so why post about Too Human?

Seriously bro, get a life. Id even hazard a guess that you made that rubbish.

cmrbe3624d ago

don't forget you are in the Open Zone.

Fishy Fingers3624d ago

I know, perhaps I should stick to my usual stomping ground. But "people" like that tarnish us all as Playstation fans.

cmrbe3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

There will always be fanboys. My advice is to have fun with them and not think much about it. I mean if they don't represent you then they don't but there will always be PS fanboys. The Open Zone aka "FUN ZONE" was created especially for the fanboys.

CrizzleC243624d ago

He wishes he had my xbox portable.... wonder how he used to only have bubble?

Fat Princess3624d ago

This IS the open zone. Don't want to see it? Stay away. I think those YTMND links are hilarious.

La Chance3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

oh pleasse !!! You are new to this site , you got here a couple of days ago and you already have 6 bubbles !And youre acting like youve been here forever , telling people to get out and stuff.

I know people you might think Im crazy or paranoid but fat princess is actually nasim/viktor E.I know I know hes everywhere buit its the truth.And if you check at the bottom at "a stupid xbot" , usually all the accounts with "a "bla bla" xbot" are nasim too.

And fat priness I know you know thatI know.Youve posted only 5-6 times and you already have 6 bubbles ! Moreover youre defending Victor E's posts , NOBODY not even ps3 fanboys do that , NOBODY defends ViktorE/Nasim/a "insert name here" xbot etc except for your yoursel with your multiple accounts.

Sil te plait , essay meme pas de faire semblant , tu sait que je sait qui tu es.

You know I dont care that you have multiple accounts and its cool that with fat princess youre more sensible , "normal"

silverchode3624d ago

i find viktor funny sometimes does that make me nasim? i find it funny how lachance,pog/mart and the other xbox fanboys think most of the ps3 fanboys are nasim. you only call out nasim cuz he is a ps3 fanboy, if you have a problem with people having multiple accounts you should call out all the other xbox fanboys like pog or 4d/noob.

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sonarus3624d ago

Nice. Can't wait to see what he and his team have been working on. I personally hope for something new. I doubt we will ever have something as great as GOW again. Since he now runs independent studio, i don't see them having the resources for that

Fishy Fingers3624d ago

Probably Twisted Metal as he has stated he's working on it. Although my memory is a little hazy I'm not sure if it was PSN or a BR title.

Overr8ed3624d ago

it most likely a PSN title. Twisted Metal does'nt look like a story centered game, more mulitplayer.

Kleptic3624d ago

absolutely nothing was confirmed for the game, other than his next game is "twisted metal PS3"...of which was the message in the PS2 port of head on...

It most likely is using the Warhawk engine...he is working closely with tech from Incognito (of which jaffe basically grew up with)...and Jobe and Jaffe confirmed that Calling all Cars was the first of many internal games that would use Warhawk's engine...that puts the turn around time significantly lower than a major undertaking...but also leaves questions as to what the final game will be...another online only game?...Can they get that engine to run decent AI? (Warhawk doesn't have any obviously, but the AI for TM would pretty much only need to be CAC on a bigger scale)...and what will that engine look like scaled down to something significantly smaller than Warhawk (of which looks great, but its obvious the main focus on visuals was to have the biggest draw distances of a console game to date)...
Twisted Metal is easily one of my all time favorite game franchises, when considering the games that SingleTrac/Incognito/ESP were involved in...the 989 studios TM 3 and 4 were little more than a joke...I can't wait to see what they come up with...
here is to hoping its a true sequel to Twisted Metal Black...been waiting for that nearly all decade...I know how the PS2 version was canned...but since Head On is basically TM '3'...I hope we get another dark one...

Fat Princess3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

Did you play Twisted Metal: Black? Anyway I can't wait for the Leipzig Games Convention! And I want Media Molecule to make a Sweet Tooth Sackboy. ^_^

DJ3624d ago

Warhawk's Single Player mode, so they can definitely bring that over to Twisted Metal, as they did with Calling all Cars.

rroded3624d ago

Lets hope they go all out with it especially the online!

BlackTar3623d ago

And it better have a story line. Twisted metals story arc. were always good and I would rather have it singleplayer only and no multi then no single player at all. But I want both. I will be highly disappointed if there is no story mode the game has a great dark story behind it and its not a warhawk or a socom it has a legit story not a bootsy one.

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PoSTedUP3624d ago

a nex gen twisted metal would be so fly on the ps3 man. i use to love twisted metal back in the day, i always use to be the green monster truck, i think his name was HAMMER or something. ah man.... i love my ps3... : D

Aclay3624d ago

Yeah, the Green Monster truck was Hammerhead and was in Twisted Metal 2.... Mr. Slam was one of my favorites in that game.

Kleptic3624d ago

you crazies...when was hammerhead green?...I know he wasn't in Twisted Metal 2, I still have that one...its black with red flames...

was he green in tm 1?...I though it was black in that game too...

the only green car i remember was grasshopper...that little dune buggy thing...

PoSTedUP3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

hammerhead was in tm1 also and he is green in tm1.

hammerhead was green
warthog was green
hopper was like beige
thumper was pink (low rider) <------had a pistol on his dash board lol
crimson fury was red (sports car)
sweet tooth icecream truck
mr grim was motorcycle
outlaw was copcar
road kill was that back to the future car lol (gray car)
dark-something was that black 18 wheeler (forgot name)
the white car had a ghost driver but forgot his name.

this is all from TM1 and i named all of this with out looking anything up (honestly). i have a real good memory. and i never bull sh*t so you can take my word for it. i was surprised on how much i remembered.

oh man i use to love twistedmetal1 those were the days. i was like 6years old or 7.

spandexxking3624d ago

what about minion(that six wheeled APC) and Axel(the guy straped onto two wheels) or am i thinking of another game?

PoSTedUP3624d ago

minion was only the last boss in TM1 and i dont think* you can play as him. you might though, all i know he was the last boss in TM1. (im pretty sure)

and axle isnt in TM1 im positive, he might be in 2 or three. i played Twisted Metal 1 the most.

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AStupidXbot3624d ago

I'm A Stupid Xbot, nobody makes better action car games as good as the Twisted Metal Series.

solideagle13624d ago

i heard that this game has a huge fan base? can someone tell me what this game meant to ps3. last time jaffe wants o make a shooter and he told an interview that the scale would be like of GOW and FACTOR 5 want also wants to make shooter any heads up?