TGR's Rumor Killers: Dead Rising PS3, Batman Game, Monster Hunter PS3

TGR - "Launched just under a year after the Xbox 360 was released, Dead Rising is still considered one of the best exclusives on the Xbox 360 to date and one that Playstation owners are envious of. Dead Rising is a survival horror game by the zombie masters over at Capcom that centers on Frank West, a photojournalist who ends up trapped in a huge shopping mall infested with thousands of zombies and it's up to you to try surviving the next three days and rescue as many people as possible."

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Viktor E3780d ago

I wonder if Silicon Knights are going to be Ps3 only devs considering Too Human has officially Flopped,they will surely be able to achieve their dreams and goals now that they will most likely abandon the dying and outdated Xbox 360 Platform

TheAveragePs3User3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

i cant wait for this 2 years olding gameing! this will teh overthough teh 360 evens moire cuz teh 360 is uin last place with teh wii!

Ken kuteragis sauid thats ps3 jst seld anothre 50,000000,.000000,000 todays and he says teh 4d,raytracing,120fps supre compurters will has a good gaime c0meing out in teh 2010!!!

whos neads games? next-jen is al about talking about games thsat willing come out l8ater in tewh decades! us ps3 users has been tlaking about killzones 2 for ovre 3 yeers nao and sometime in 2009 or two one thousands and ten.! alsos all gaemes run on 5000p and et 120 frames per second liek promissiesd

UPDATE: yeahz! louk at all my agreeas! tahts cuz im so samert and kewl! nao im going to east some poptarts and go to beds.

Eiffel3780d ago

I can't wait for you to be castrated Viktor E.

juuken3780d ago

I can't believe you guys take him seriously, lol.

cain1413780d ago

I'd love to see a batman game, but only if they are willing to put the time and effort needed to make it a success.

Relin3780d ago

Yeah, I think most people are more than willing to wait for a good movie tie-in game as long as it's good. I haven't played a good Batman game since... well, I don't ever remember an actually good Batman game, though some of the old action platformers were entertaining.

Polluted3780d ago

The Batman game will suck. Don't get your hopes up.

Bnet3433780d ago

"Dead Rising is still considered one of the best exclusives on the Xbox 360 to date and one that Playstation owners are envious of"

lolwut? Rly? Ehh .. wow they really want it that bad?

predator3780d ago

Dead Rising - it will prob be the sequel that will come to PS3, I don't think that Capcom will waste dev time and cost to get the first one ported, please capcom make the sequel

Monster Hunter 3 - with Capcom's new stance it will prob be on all three platforms outside Japan

Batman - I have faith in Pandemic hopefully they can pull it off

cain1413780d ago

I agree about Dead Rising. I see the sequal ebing multiplatform, but I don't see them porting the old one...

PS360WII3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I don't know about MH3 personally. All the guy said was: 'Don’t worry. We’re working on something for you US Monster Hunter fans'

Seeing that Monster Hunter 2G is only in Japan right now maybe they are bringing the PSP game over.

Relin3780d ago

Agreed, he's being a good PR guy and sticking to ridiculously vague statements.

MikeGdaGod3780d ago

i'd love to see Dead Rising on PS3 in whatever form

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LevDog3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

I wouldnt be surprised at all if anyone of those come to PS3.. I mean Bioshock, Alone in the dark.. and both are getting upgrades and more content (possible because of Bluray) for the PS3.. I personally think Devs are finally seeing the potential of the PS3 and the standard HDD, Cell, and Blu Ray.. Its just possible to do more with Ps3.. Then to compress everything or leave something out

EDIT @ Below.. Very true.. and being a PS3 owner.. I dont mind waiting for a better version of a game..

cain1413780d ago

It makes no sense to be a third party publisher who only does on platform... Might was well stick with timed exclusives. Take the extra cash and just hold of on the second version...

BiggDaddy3113780d ago

The only reason Dead Rising and Bio-shock were exclusive to the 360 is because the PS3 wasn't out yet for Dead Rising's release and 2K had already 2 years of development time for the 360 version and didn't want to spend extra time in porting the game to PS3 (Kinda like Saints Row). Not to say I don't agree that Blu ray does give the developer more space to put more of a solid game together. I don't know why Atari put out Alone in the Dark but I am sure the PS3 version won't sell even with the upgrades. I think you will see less and less timed exclusives and you will also see more games using PS3 as the lead platform like with Prince o P, Ghostbusters and Burnout.

Grasty3780d ago

The last movie was amazing so I would hope a batman game is coming.

cain1413780d ago

Best movie of the year in my opinion...

ihaten4glol3780d ago

I most definitely would buy a new Batman game if it were as well-crafted as The Dark Knight.

BiggDaddy3113780d ago

Dark Knight deserves a solid game, and if one cannot be made then don't even bother. I would rather wait 5 years for someone to make a great Dark Knight game then get a crappy attempt.

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