New Update Detailed for Team Fortress 2 Heavy

Valve has just announced that a new update will be released for Team Fortress 2. The new update will target "The Heavy" and introduce a new gameplay mode and several new maps. Expect to see the update August 19th.

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solar3775d ago

while i believe the heavy needed some help being solo, i do not want Valve to discourage heavy/medic combos. they are so powerful and one of the best ways to push thru a highly guarded choke point. i absolutely hate how GoldRush is nothing more than a "use 4 demo's throwing stickies on the cart" explosive spam fest or SG fest. hopefully by widening the area of attacks and focusing less on the choke points being unpassable with a horrible team the maps will be more bearable. bring on Aug. 19th!

xjxdoggystyyle3775d ago

these updates would come to the consoles....sux....i bought it for 360...wantin to play on the big hdtv and such...and the comp is gettin all the love :(

Charmers3775d ago

I believe valve will be bringing these updates to the 360 at least later on. You have to understand they can release these updates periodically on the PC because they CONTROL the distribution system. With the 360 there is an intensive certification process everything has to go through before it gets to 360 users. So it does not make commercial sense to do these "bite sized" updates that the PC gets.

I imagine later on this year maybe early next year the 360 will get a massive DLC pack which will have all the extra's the PC has. Oh and yes you will probably have to pay a nominal fee for it to cover the costs of certification and distribution over Xboxlive.

Dark General3774d ago

I don't care about the Heavies because well i'm a spy they are still my mortal slow moving prey. I'm looking forward to the new "Meet the" video i pray it's "Meet the spy" or "Meet the Pyro".

RufustheSage3774d ago

Update?! Must mean a video is coming soon I hope! Meet the Pyro for the love of God so we can all confirm it's a woman! I'll also live if they make Spy since everyone is dying for that to.

solar3774d ago

there is no "Meet the..." video with this update. however Valve is releasing another funny video to promote the game. should be great.