Pocket Gamer: Puzzler Collection Review

Believe it or not, games weren't always about princesses, cookery and managing football teams. There was a time when video games were just about... well, games. Things gamers already played were converted into high-tech versions of their former selves, and many people were sure that in the years to come they'd not need a deck of cards or a pen and paper ever again.

Well, they were wrong, and thanks to frustrating attempts like Puzzler Collection, they're still wrong.

Puzzler, for those who aren't familiar with the brand, is a moderately successful magazine in the UK that features a variety of wordsearches, crosswords and other brain-testing miscellany. With brain training being all the rage right now, and buzz-terms like "casual gaming" doing the rounds, it was only a matter of time before more basic puzzle games like this started to make an appearance. So what does Puzzler Collection offer?

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