Left 4 Dead Making Xbox 360 Debut at PAX is reporting that Left 4 Dead, a Gauntlet-like survival-horror game set to release this November, will make its public debut on Xbox 360 at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX).

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AStupidXbot3780d ago

I'm gonna be smart with the true title for this game, Graphics4Dead.

Viktor E3780d ago

Thanks to the CELL Broadband Processor,the RSX Graphics Chip,and the HD Format of choice-Blu Ray.Thanks to all of these,Left4Dead will be able to shatter the Compression and Outdated Hardware Walls that bound it on the dying Xbox 360 Platform http://celinediontoohuman.y...

Eiffel3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

you do know due to the PS3's Cell processor developing on it is like balancing on floss? Not to mention it cost more for developers to develop on the PS3 one reason why so many Game Developing Companys are heading over to the 360, Capcom is one major one, they favor the 360 over the PS3.

You should notice why do think PS3 lacks exclusives?

Drekken3780d ago

PS3 lacks exclusives?? You are a joke. Whats the 360 get 4 exclusives by the end of the year in 2008?

Eiffel3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Do you know how many exclusives we are getting at the beginning of 2009?

Besides most Xbox exclusives rank a average of 8/9/10 Although with exclusives for the PS3 only good one recently was MGS4, Titles such as Haze got its ass raped in reviews.

CrizzleC243780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

There, anything else today?

Pretty annoying when somebody just puts a link there an expects you to click it to understand, so annoying that I have done the same to show the "lameness".

You now know why he had 1 bubble! And after making another 3 fake accounts he brought himself back to two bubbles!

(if I am correct I will have 3 or more disagrees by tommorrow)

Yeah I looooooooooveeee my xbox handheld, it goes good with my AAA ps3 games and unicorn farm!

Bangladesh3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

There is the proof that Sony is hiring people to troll gaming sites lol. I think I'll bookmark this.

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Arsenic133780d ago

I really like the games concept, but after watching a interview that said each level is only a hour long and there are only 5 levels, confirmed my suspicions that the game will be fun but short...

PirateThom3780d ago

Seriously? That's kind of lame... I mean, it might be a good game, but at 5 hours, I'm guessing it's not a full priced title, is it?

IzKyD13313780d ago

and not to mention the graphics look like ass

dachiefsman3780d ago

that does suck if its true. I am interested in the online aspects besides co-op.

ActionBastard3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

If that is true, UGH. I could understand if it were a single player game, to an extent, but this is supposed to be 4 player co op madness. For me and my boys to be able to knock this out in a Saturday afternoon is kinda disappointing. Regardless of difficulty.

Side note: Valve should spend more time on the Source engine. It's beginning to show its age.

TheIneffableBob3780d ago

There are going to be 4 campaigns with 5 maps each, making for a total of 20 maps.

And few maps doesn't mean the game will get old quickly; seeing as this is Valve, I'm sure the maps are extremely well designed and should be fun for a long time.

But if you get tired of the stock maps, just play custom ones. I'm sure there will be plenty of custom campaigns made by the community.

InMyOpinion3780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

COD4's campaign wasn't much longer and I don't see anyone complaining about that now.

I think this game just like COD4 should be viewed first and foremost as a multiplayer game. If there's a total of 20 maps it sounds good to me.

TheIneffableBob3780d ago

Actually, lots of people complained about Call of Duty 4's SP campaign...

y0haN3780d ago

Don't worry -- you never play the same level twice. What will one time be quiet hallway stroll from point A to B will another time be when hundreds of zombies throw themselves from every doorway towards your face. The AI "Director" keeps everything in check. Don't worry, it's Valve.

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Arsenic133780d ago

Um just like the Orange Box which was also ported by EA? Just saying since EA sucks at porting, and Valve is lazy.

AStupidXbot3780d ago

You said on the gamer zone, "really like the games concept, but after watching a interview that said each level is only a hour long and there are only 5 levels, confirmed my suspicions that the game will be fun but short..." Looks like this will be the 360s heavenly sword. Good, but very short.

Arsenic133780d ago (Edited 3780d ago )

Still don't want it. And that Victor E just spouts his console loving bs. He needs to be a gamer not a obsessive idiot.

Haha, he disagreed. I dont understand how these ppl fail to realize they are pathetic after making multiple accounts just to leave a comment. If you have 2 bubbles it means ppl want you to stfu already.

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