How can Independent Video Game websites take the next step? weighs in on Gamertagradio's epic podcast on the industry of Indepenent Video Game journalism. The article and gamertagradio's podcast is a must read and listen.

From the article: "Godfree likes to podcast. Sometimes it's epic and other times it's insane. Gamertag Radio's latest community roundtable is of the Epic variety. It features Paris from Uncle Gamer, Trina from Gaming Angels, DeaconBlade from Unscripted 360 and Brian from Marvel comics. They discuss the state of the independent gaming press and what its like trying to eek out a spot amongst the growing throng of video game based websites and podcasts.

My thoughts and the show link, after the jump."

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JSA-Gamer3776d ago

What a great podcast. they really cut to the heart of it all.

Great roundtable.

ABACAB723775d ago

It's definitely an important topic. Especially since I like all the sites that are represented in the roundtable. I think that the community should show the successful sites respect, especially Godfree. He's a trailblazer in this industry. He was doing this before most of these sites have been made or done. He's passionate about his work, and loves video games. That's what it's all about.