Taking First Person Shooting into Reality

In both 2007, and 2008 year we have experienced some of the richest and most dynamic games yet to come. Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Halo 3, and Metal Gear Solid 4 are all great examples of these advancements over the year. It's a common theory that as time passes developers get better at constructing these titles with the current consoles to bring only the best looking games. Now with graphics becoming less of a concern as detailed textures are expected to come around with each new release it's time for developers to show there next-generation move through not only the graphical, and animation aspect, but through delivering the warfare experience they all talk about. Developers have mentioned many times when creating first person shooters that they want their players to feel as though they are in an actual battlefield yet we find titles like Call Of Duty 4, and Metal Gear Solid 4 that have little to no similarities of the modern battlefield of today. Adding this reality becomes especially important through the multiplayer portion when players are constantly inserted into the exactly maps over, and over again making strategies the same, and game play no different. Developers need to bring a richer battlefield experience to engage players into a more reality like atmosphere. GameXtract have constructed ten points on ways developers can enrich the first person multiplayer experience without taking the game back to the drawing boards.

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Bangladesh3624d ago

imo Battlefield: Bad Company is the best fps released this year, and in the top 5 of the best so far this gen.

Mc1873624d ago

Is that in your avatar?

Eiffel3623d ago

I agree BFBC truly is the best shooter released, I play that game every day online its perfect cause you can never master it, so much goes on you can get killed in a heart beat.

trancefreak3623d ago

I play that game every night its fricking addicting. I have many lols in that game. i play with my kids on the same squad.

Microsoft_Spokesman3623d ago

This is the first time I agree with you, BFBC is awesome!

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Kratos Spartan3623d ago

I can't click links to work on this computer, please show me the full address or PM it to me, thank you

back on topic

"little to no similarities of the modern battlefield of today" Yea but those games are so fun! Be careful adding too much realism to a game, because a lot of the times realism is not very fun.

Microsoft_Spokesman3623d ago

sorry, we, Microsoft, do not allow that.

Eiffel3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Its okay I heard Sony went Nintendo on its users with a game called LBP and the only way to import user created images due to possible copyright issue is through a Playstation Eye, Good Luck with quality :D.

Microsoft_Spokesman3623d ago

you have no idea why I said that right? Microsoft doesn't allow user generated content because they don't make any money off it. That's why I said that.

Eiffel3623d ago

Yes I also know your comment was just to fuel the PS3, I also noticed this article has nothing to do with either console so get your sh!t right, effing Fanboi.

Microsoft_Spokesman3623d ago

"..., effing Fanboi."

And you're not? BTW calm the f*ck down, all these console 'wars' are for jokes, I don't mean half of the things I say, you d1ck, go back to your but buddy.

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morganfell3623d ago

PM sent. It can be located by going to

WINZLOW3623d ago

pc?? or is it a simulation??

morganfell3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

It is PC and it is a simulation of the highest order. It has been purchased in Enterprise form y the United States Marine Corps, the British Ministry of Defense, and the Australian Defense Forces. It is also in use by the United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School where they have an entire virtual shoot house. It is also in use with the forces of New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Farance and several others including the US Navy.

It is an impressive sim. Want to get in a helicopter and fly to a target. Really fly as in the flight may take 30 minutes or more? You can do it. The mission editor is a drag and drop affair. It also works while the sim is running. This means as you are conducting operations, the administrator can bring in items from enemy troops to aircraft to IEDs on the fly in real time.

Ballistics models are 99% in line with actual counterparts. Rounds do richochet and ricochets can wound or kill. You have destructible buildings, deformable terrain (Arty blows a hole in the ground you can actually jump into.) Thermal vision, real Predator drones - no fake GRAW crap.

Everything is recorded including bullet paths. You can go back and look at the replay, pause it and fly around the battlefield and watch the action, follow a bullet to the target, etc.

Tech Features:

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

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