Mad at Mad World, group says Wii should be carnage-free

Ars Technica: Nintendo didn't win over the hearts and minds of many hardcore gamers at E3 this year. The press conference was filled with stories about the children of Nintendo executives and snowboarding accidents, leading into the announcement of games that may sell in the millions, but fail to capture the imagination of the "core" gamer. One standout at E3 was Sega's Mad World, a hyperviolent title that was a critical hit among the press; the game was one of the few titles that got hardcore gamers excited about their Wii. The question is, will the game's release on the Wii cause more controversy simply because it stands out against the more casual-friendly offerings on the system?

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supahbad3626d ago

there's already a "group" against it? i remember this game now! this game looked really good, too bad i don't have a wii.

parents could just not buy the game btw

mabreu3626d ago

"A collective of rightwing bigots out to ban all that is fun in life." >

Max Power3626d ago

and clicked 'campaigns' and saw this "MediaWatch-UK - Ban the alphabet and stop ALL bad language" i read their little write up, which contains information such as "in fact recent studies1 have shown that swearing causes more deaths worldwide every year than war and famine combined!" that they made up. i don't know if this is a joke or a serious group.

keapon3626d ago

That's a parody site linked to above. (It has a disclaimer saying such at the bottom.) Here's the real one:

jtucker783626d ago

Well the "Mad at Mad at Mad World" (that's me) ...
says STFU you stuffy middle-aged mail readers.

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Odiah3626d ago

It involved assuming the role of an obese plumber, running around murdering turtles and destroying wildlife, plundering castles and raping princesses.

I haven't been the same since.

Panthers3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

OMG tell me about it. And I spent all day shooting birds at point blank range right in the head because if I missed, I was mocked by a K-9...

... I was only 4

FantasyStar3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

You think that was bad? I was this green guy in a dress that went around slashing things and killing animals & people because a voice in my head told me to.

Tempist3626d ago

I vaguely remember this incident where I was driving around a track careless less shooting down anyone in front of me to win first place. I think I also kept endlessly falling off track and never getting first place.

supahbad3626d ago

i remember this one game where i beat 20 hookers to death and stole a hummer and blew up cops with a rocket launcher. i then hijacked a plane, flew it up really high, and then did a nosedive into the ground. BUT WAIT right before that i entered an infinite health cheat before i crashed. don't see why i couldn't do it in real life

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Panthers3626d ago

These are the type of people that want the government to control everything that happens in their lives as well as their kids because they are too damn lazy to raise their kids themselves.

IzKyD13313626d ago

theres a really simple answer to this problem for the parents....DONT BUY A GAME THAT SAYS 18+ OR HAS AN M RATING!!!!

Eiffel3626d ago

at this point I find very little use to ESRB if Parents are to dumb to read the fecking E/T/M smacked down on the effing game box.

va_bank3626d ago

... That's what they get for trying to bring it to a children's console, instead of where it belongs - PS3/X360/PSP

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